Water and Weight Loss how it can Help Shed those Pound

Water and Weight Loss - Does it HelpWater is the natural life giver of the entire universe. Without water, there can be no life, simple as that. Not surprisingly then, the same principles apply to our bodies. We can survive for weeks without eating food, yet after a couple of days without water, the human body stands a real chance of shutting down and dying. We’re made up of almost 80% water, so no wonder why water and weight loss are connected. Water helps with the major and minor functions and chemical reactions inside the body and can also be a real boost for people who happen to be looking to lose weight and get a little fitter as a result.

Water helps fill us up

When we’re hungry, we tend to crave junk food, as well as stuffing our faces with as much food as we can possibly manage. This is not a healthy way of life, and it certainly won’t help anybody looking to lose weight. Water fills the stomach, thus curing hunger pains, and helping to relieve the cravings for junk food that the body may be experiencing. Next time you find yourself feeling hungry, reach for a glass of water and chug it down. Within minutes the hunger pains will have subsided, and you’ll have saved yourself unnecessary calories in the process.

Water can boost and kick start your metabolism

When we lack water in our bodies, we experience the symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration slows down the functions of all of the major organs and processes in the body, including our metabolisms. Our metabolism is what is responsible for burning calories, and using them as energy instead. Research shows that drinking water helps speed the metabolism up, allowing you to burn more calories than you would normally, thus providing you with increased levels of energy too. Ice water is especially effective as it drops your body temperature slightly, meaning that you need to burn more calories for more energy, in order to warm up. That’s why scientists and arctic explorers in the north pole have to consume twice as many calories as normal, just to actually maintain their body weight so as you can see water and weight loss work hand in hand.

Water is vital

It's no secret that you need water to survive and increased intake can vastly improve your health. Mineral water is especially healthy as, not surprisingly, it is packed full of natural minerals. These natural minerals are essential for our immune systems, our muscles, our joints, and all of our bodily functions and processes. Not only that, but it also flushes toxins and impurities out of you and helps fuel your muscles for longer during spells of activity and exercise. Lactic acid for instance, is a natural chemical which is produced when we exercise. It is the chemical which is responsible for painful muscle cramps when we fail to warm up or push ourselves too far whilst exercising. if you’re well hydrated, water flushes out the lactic acid, meaning you can exercise for longer periods of time before your muscles begin to fatigue.

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