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Heart Health Tips to Start a Conversation

 Heart Health Tips to Start a Conversation

Planning, time management, organizing, de-cluttering. All things that are necessary tools for success. Whether it’s in reaching fitness, work, school, or personal goals, these skills are the KEY! Staying fit and having a healthy heart is important for a longer life. So follow these heart health tips to start a conversation that might change your life.

heart health tips to stay on top of your health

Get Organized

Organize your desk, drawers, pantry….you will feel the weight come right off and the clarity in your vision become like crystal. One of the greatest examples I’ve seen of this lately is the recent American Heart Association Latino Health Summit.

Get together

A great group of leaders coming together to tackle the health issues that so greatly effect us all. With so many people coming together to organize and de-clutter their thoughts, everyone in attendance learned that although there is a big issue with health care in our country, its much bigger than many know. One of the questions asked yesterday to the panel at the AHA Summit by the wonderful Maria Hinojosa, was what drove our emotional heart.

Adopt a Positive Outlook

The answer was the children and the future as leaders and individuals. Mostly because it is evident what we fuel our bodies with is either positive or detrimental, not only to the well-being of our bodies but to development of our minds/brains, body/self image etc.

Know your family health history

If you have ever suffered the loss of someone close to you due to a massive heart attack or other heart disease. Then it’s easy to see the life track and how prevention could have played a role.

The sad unfortunate reality that you will never meet several family members or in-laws because the were taken from us way to soon after losing their battles with heart disease or cancer makes you take a moment to pause. So, what really drives the word of prevention is the reality that If we don’t preach the grave importance of living a healthy life to our youth, wife, mom, sister, niece, nephews, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, cousins, aunts, friends….everyone.

Live a healthier life in their legacy

Well then we would be doing a huge disservice to them, those who left us too soon, & the world as a whole. Although sometimes it may feel as if we are fighting an uphill battle preaching to people about this thought, we know how important it is. Also if this message reaches enough people that can relate they can also pass it forward.

Embrace Lifestyle Changes

Remember this quote, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, usually do.” So take every day to be one of those people. Love what you do, and love educating & motivating people to embrace healthy living as a way of life. One by one, day by day. We will get there…. So in that spirit and in the spirit keep those close to your heart in your lives as long as possible. Organize your mind, focus your goals, and apply your efforts towards that which will keep all the hearts in your life beating strong.

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