Healthy Heart Tips To Avoid Heart Disease

Tips for a Healthy HeartFor men it is especially important to have a healthy heart conscious as heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in America today. What is more is that over half of the men who died from coronary heart disease showed no signs or symptoms of heart issues before the sudden onset of a heart attack, so it is vital that men of all ages pay special attention to their heart health to ensure that they aren’t just another statistic.

Here are a few tips for a healthy heart to get you start on a track to better heart health.

Kick Your Smoking Habit to the Curb

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard smoking is bad for our health, but did you know that leading health organizations like the AMA and AHA list smoking as one of the top risk factors for heart disease in both men and women? Smoking can put a lot of pressure on your body from reduce lung capacity to releasing harmful carcinogenics into the body, all contributing to your heart having to work harder to keep you alive.

Start Exercising with a Eye Towards the Middle

Exercising of any capacity is good for your heart, but paying special attention to the area around your middle is doubly so. When you have extra weight in your middle your body has to work overtime to keep working and causes problems like raised blood pressure, increase your blood lipids levels and other cardiovascular issues.

Play Under the Sheets More

Recent studies in sexual health have found that men who have a more active sex life have a lower risk for heart attack because of a variety of issues. However, it is basically linked to being happier and more relaxed, which lowers blood pressure, increases those feel good hormones and takes away the stress that can cause the body to work harder.

Spice Up Your Life

Spicy food and heart health has been linked in many health studies as the active ingredient capsaicin in foods like peppers can help to get your metabolism working, lower your cholesterol, increase blood flow and much more. Add in some spice to your food and see your heart disease risks lower.

Drink a Glass of Red Wine a Day

For years health authorities have touted a glass of red wine as a way to help stay healthy, but the truth is that alcohol in extreme moderation can help to raise your HDL levels (also known as your good cholesterol), lower blood clot formation and prevent damage to your arteries. However, the key is moderation as anything more than a glass every now and then can drastically flip the benefits and start increasing your risks for a heart attack instead of reducing them.

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