Soda Habit How to Stop it With out Getting Headaches

How to Break Your Soda HabitIt has been shown that half of Americans today drink about 1 soda a day with soda enthusiasts drinking an estimated 3 sodas a day. You might wonder why that is is that soda habit, compared to some other more dangerous bad habits people have, but the simple truth is that soda is extremely bad for your body.

How to Break your Soda for Good

Soda is loaded with ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and substitute sweetners that can double the amount of fat your body stores in areas like your liver, on your body’s bones and in your blood. Not only that, but soda slowly breaks down your teeth leading to more serious dental issues that could leave you with the need for dental work constantly. Soda of course is delicious; it sweet, fizzy, always on hand and practically addictive to the drinker. So how do you break your soda habit? Well, we’ve put together some ways for you to slow but surely break that bad habit once and for all and get your body on better, healthier options.

Wean Yourself Off of It

Sometimes it is necessary to wean yourself off of a bad habit like soda rather than going cold turkey. Soda for many is a way for them to relax after a hard day of work or take a short stress-free lunch break between a stressful day at the office; so going without all at once may just make the issue worse than it is. Start slow by reducing the amount of soda you drink incrementally. If you drink 3 sodas a day, move it down to 2 sodas for two weeks, then 1 soda for the third and fourth week, and finally no sodas at all after the end of the month.

Replace it With Something Healthier

A good way on how to break your soda habit is to replace it with something healthier like flavored water, iced tea, juice, milk, etc. Many soda drinkers, and American’s in general, don’t get enough beneficial liquids throughout the day and soda is one of the main causes. As you wean yourself off of soda replace it with a healthier drink that benefits your body. If you do it slow and with care you won’t feel as cheated without the soda if you find healthy drinks to replace it that doesn’t feel like a bad substitution.

Figure Out Your Triggers and Find a Healthier Response to Them

Many times people drink soda because of an underlying reason such as they’re bored, tired, stressed, etc. Another way how to break your soda habit is by identifying your triggers and finding another response instead of reaching for that soda can. If you’re tired in the middle of your work day take a brisk walk around your office and let the exercise and fresh air awaken you. If you’re bored find a hobby such as building model airplanes/cars, running, building that book shelf for your kid, etc. Find your triggers and rework them so that you are no longer relying on a soda to get your through it.

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