Work Related Weight Gain is your Job Making you Fat

Work Related Weight Gain is your Job Making you FatIf you happen to work for a living and let’s face it, most of us do. Then your occupation and what it involves on a day to day basis makes a big difference. This is because there is extremely strong evidence to suggest that a person’s job could be directly linked to work related weight gain, which begs the question: Is your sedentary job making you fat? Now, if you work as a chocolate taster or a food critic, then this will be almost certainly true, but in actual fact, jobs like this are few and far between, and it’s much more likely that you work in some sort of office, around a computer a lot, and have to spend long periods of time sitting on your ass.

How to fight weight related weight gain?

Now, we all know that in order to make ourselves as fit and as healthy as we possibly can, we need to watch what we eat and ensure we get a sufficient amount of exercise. Both of these things can be particularly difficult if you work a sedentary job which involves a great deal of sitting, and not much activity other than that at all so is your job making you fat. If this applies to you however, then there are several things you can do to ensure your job doesn’t make you fat and unfit.

Prepare a healthy lunch in advance to avoid Work Related Weight Gain

In order to watch our weight, we need to watch what we eat. By taking just a few extra minutes you can prepare yourself a fresh, healthy lunch guaranteed to help you lose weight. If you fail to do this, you could end up eating quick convenience foods from the vending machine or your work’s cafeteria, which is not very healthy at all. Something as simple as a chicken salad, or perhaps a tuna salad wrap can be made quickly, and will give your body all that it needs.

Do some exercise in the workplace, or out on your break

If work related weight gain is your main issue and your job is  Making you Fat. Exercise is another crucial part of healthy living, and the great thing about it is that it can be done almost anywhere, in a whole variety of different ways. If your workplace has a gym on site, then great, no excuses, get yourselves in there on your lunch break. If it doesn’t however, you can still do simple bodyweight exercises almost anywhere. Sit ups, push ups, and body weight squats are ideal as you can do them anywhere and very quickly. If you get some funny looks from your colleagues, who cares? Your health is far more important than a few funny looks from people who’ll quickly lose interest anyway. You could even go for a jog or a walk on your lunch if you like.

Take the stairs, or walk or cycle as much as possible

If you work in a large office building, rather than taking the elevator, instead take the stairs. Walking the stairs is a great workout and depending on how high you walk, you could actually burn several hundred calories without realizing. If you don’t work in a large building, take the opportunity to walk as much as possible. If you can, rather than driving, why not walk or cycle. If none of this is reasonable for you, just ensure you get as much exercise in your free time as you possibly can.

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