Keto-diet friendly drinks you get in Starbucks

Keto-diet friendly drinks you get in Starbucks

Are you a Starbucks fan since its inception just like us, but also follow a keto-diet? Well, with going keto you are giving up on carbs and other good things you may have enjoyed. Does that mean you have to give up on Starbucks too? Apparently not, because Starbucks is here to ensure you are at the A-level of your keto-diet with these refreshing drinks. Check it out below if you do not believe what we say!

Top 5 keto-diet friendly beverages to order at Starbucks!

Iced Cinnamon Refresher

Keto-diet friendly drinks you get in Starbucks

You know having Starbucks iced coffee can create havoc when you are ardently following a keto-diet. Combining milk along with some sweetener will make the carbs quickly multiply. Until and unless you are enjoying a cup of your regular black coffee the diet doesn’t go haywire. But did you know you can modify your drink and cut on those carbs easily?  With the right amount of cinnamon, this keto-friendly beverage will become your favorite drink you will want to grab every time. Go to the counter and ask for unsweetened iced coffee. Add sugar-free vanilla, sugar-free cinnamon dolce, a splash of heavy cream and sprinkle some cinnamon. You are ready to sip through the day.

The Keto Pink Beverage

Keto-diet friendly drinks you get in Starbucks

To enjoy this floral flavored drink order for a venti sugar-free iced, strawberry green tea. Ask them to add heavy whipped cream, some sugar-free vanilla syrup. It is better if you avoid classic sugar syrup. You can further ask them to add dried and frozen strawberries if you like. But this is up to your preference. Although the taste of this drink is nowhere like strawberry instead it is more like hibiscus. It doesn’t taste too sweet, and it appears as a milkshake that could not bear the summer heat and melted right away.


The Espresso is one easy and classic choice which will help you keep your keto-diet on the right track. This is because there are no carbohydrates in espresso. Although adapting to the strong beverage is an acquired taste. When you are on the run and need the energy to have a kickass day ask for espresso with steamed milk. However, if you don’t enjoy the hit of strong coffee or are looking for something more your type, there are other options too.  

Low Carb Latte

A Latte is a mix of espresso, steamed milk with a light foam layer over the top. Generally, the proportion of milk is greater in this hot beverage. So if you hit Starbucks during your keto days and you love your Latte and can’t skip it keep it low-carb. To order a low carb version of this drink ask for an Americano with a dollop of heavy whipped cream. Also, if you secretly enjoy the artsy stuff they do with your coffee ask them not to forget some foam.

Low Carb White Chocolate Mocha

Your regular Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha is made with milk, White chocolate mocha sauce. It also contains espresso with the addition of whipped cream. This indicates a more significant number of carbs in your diet. In fact, a tiny cup of white chocolate mocha contains about 28g net carbs. If you are dreaming and craving for this beverage on a keto -diet chances are high that you will gain carbs. Unfortunately, Starbucks does not offer a sugar-free substitute for its white chocolate mocha sauce. So does that mean you can’t have it ever? Well, while placing your order ask them to follow the low carb trail. Get this drink with whipped cream and a single pump of the delicious sauce. Instead of milk ask them to dilute the drink with three portions of water and one portion of heavy whipping cream.

We hope the next time you are aware of what to order and what to miss. Don’t let the carbs ruin your drink and your day.

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