The Last Supper Effect Can be The Cause of Weight gain

The Last Supper EffectWeight gain is a serious issue for many of us, that we would ideally love to avoid if at all possible. Pretty much nobody wants to be overweight by choice as it can damage our self confidence and above all else it can also damage our health as well. Most people eat their last supper effect way too late at night and that can be a real problem if you are trying to lose weight.

What is the last supper effect?

If we could choose a pale and flabby body or a lean, muscular physique with a set of abs you could do your washing on, 9 times out of 10 we’d go for the lean and muscular look. It may not be the summer anymore but even so, that’s no excuse for allowing yourself to gain weight and fall out of shape. So many men gain excess weight over the colder months and use the excuse that they’re “bulking” for the summer.

In reality they could quite easily bulk up over the winter by eating fresh and healthy foods and keeping their body fat percentages under control. Dieting and losing weight is certainly no enviable task and it isn’t something that simply happens overnight. If you’re serious about dieting and losing weight then you need to prepare yourself both physically, and mentally as well. One common problem associated with losing weight and starting a new healthy eating regime is the last supper effect, and it is one that should be addressed head on.

What is the right way to lose weight?

When you make the conscious decision to lose weight, do you wake up in a morning one day out of the blue and suddenly decide that today will be the day when you restrict your calories and eat low fat, healthy, and often bland tasting foods? No you probably don’t what you probably do, just like so many other men all over the world, is wake up and decide that you’re fed up of being overweight, and that you will begin a new diet in a few day’s time, more often than not on a Monday.

You then decide that as you will be dieting on Monday, you will dedicate all weekend to binge eating, stuffing your face, and eating as many unhealthy foods as possible, because you think it will be the last chance you will get to have them. A little treat in moderation is perfectly fine, the problem with the last supper effect is that you consume as much junk food as possible, which causes a number of different problems.

What are the dangers of the last supper effect?

Some people will begin binge eating several weeks in advance ahead of starting their new diet, which in turn will mean that for days or weeks at a time, they will be consuming large doses of calories from unhealthy food sources.

This will cause them to gain even more weight and so will basically give them even more work to do when it comes to dieting and getting the weight off. It’s far easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight and so gaining as little as 2 additional pounds from binge eating could cause you an additional week or two of dieting.

As well as leading to increased weight gain, this form of eating also promotes binge eating and as you will more than likely be consuming junk foods, you will also put your health at risk. You should instead eat sensibly and develop a healthy relationship with food that doesn’t include binge eating or overindulgence. Remind yourself that once the weight is lost, you will be able to treat yourself now and then.

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