How to Lose Weight Fast The Lazy Ways

Lazy Ways to Lose WeightSo you want to lose weight but you have trouble sticking to your workout and diet plans. We understand that the couch and a bag of chips are probably more appealing than an apple and an hour on the treadmill. Now unfortunately there is no way to lose weight by sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. The good news is there are a few lazy ways to help you lose weight on journey.

Lazy ways to lose weight

Workout during TV time

If you can’t stand to miss your favorite show turn that into your workout time. Move your coffee table out of the way and get your burn on. You can do sit ups, pushups, upper body weight lifts, and squats/ lunges.

Eat Leftovers

don’t have time or energy to cook a healthy meal every day? Try cooking a few large healthy meals and eat the left overs for lunches and dinners. A few good ideas are crockpot soups and healthy casseroles.

Buy Prepared Snacks

Prepared foods such as the kind you find in your local deli sections or pre-sliced fruits and veggies are great to keep on hand for healthy snacking without the effort of preparing at home.

Play Video Games

Certain active video games like Wii fitness or PlayStation’s Dance, Dance revolution encourage you to get up and move around so feel free to indulge in a little more game time.

Sleep In

Sleep deprivation can increase your levels of Ghrelin (hunger hormones) which can make you hungrier throughout the day. Less sleep is also proven to lower your metabolism which can make you burn fewer calories doing every day functions. So try to get a few extra winks of sleep 7 to 8 hours for an adult is a good number. Anything in excess you can start to see other negative effects.

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