Are you losing muscle instead of fat?

muscle loss or fat

During weight loss workouts, most people face a common problem of losing muscle rather than losing fat. When you lose weight the breakdown of fat and muscle tissue in your body can lead to loss of muscle. This is a great drawback for you on your weight loss journey since you want to drop the pounds but not your muscle mas. So, you have to change your diet and fitness plan to keep up strong muscles. The most common reasons for losing muscles are:

  • Not being active
  • Not having sufficient protein level
  • Low range calories
  • Losing weight quickly

Best ways to lose Fat without Losing Muscle

Take adequate Protein


Eating enough protein-rich items is important for your diet to maintain muscle tissue. So you have to take enough protein in your daily diet to prevent losing muscle and lose fat instead. Even if you don’t have perfect weight loss training the proper intake of protein helps you lose fat and maintain muscle mass. Generally, you can take you can take 0.5 - 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. So for a 200-pound male that would be 100 - 160g daily. So make sure that you are having enough protein range spread throughout the day.

Get Enough Sleep


Lack of sleep is another factor that impacts muscle loss instead of fat. When you get less sleep your body's cortisol levels are reduced. This creates an imbalance in the growth of hormones and it stores the fat that is obtained from the carbohydrates and an overall caloric surplus. So needless to say you need a sufficient amount of sound sleep to be active and maintain your muscle mass.

Reduce Weight Training

weight training

The workouts that are done to build muscles or increase the strength of the body may be hard to handle by your body and suffer from the deficient energy. This is because more training will burn more calories and you will feel low on energy. So you have to maintain your weight training program based on the condition of your body. It can be adjusted by reducing the volume or frequency of weight training per week. But you must use the muscles by making the strength training which helps you to grow muscles. Also the use of muscle reduces the weight of your body by burning calories and fat.

Maintain your Calorie level


With the interest of reducing the weight within some days often people will cut off the calorie range as low. Here the problem arises because the calories range is decreased suddenly. And this led to the loss of muscle rather than reducing fat. Generally, muscles want more energy to maintain body movements. When you reduce the right calorie intake it makes you have less energy. So you have to mainly focus on the calorie level of your food that you consume every day. Before eating the dietary items you must know the calorie range and maintain it according to your age and body level. You can easily determine the calorie requirement by calculating 10 calories per pound with the body weight. Thus, these are the best ways to avoid losing muscle instead of fat. Follow these guidelines and maintain your body fitness in a better way.

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