Wine Allergies - No! Not My Wine!

Wine allergies are a real thing, if you find yourself freaking out right about now and frankly in disbelief you are not alone on this front. After a night of enjoying your favorite wine, if next morning you wake up feeling as if you had a severe case of the flu coming on. Major sinus infection, chills, the works! You may not think never in a million years thought it was due to the Chardonnay you so wonderfully enjoyed the night before.

Do you suffer from wine allergies?

Unfortunately there are many allergic reactions to sulfates, a preservative commonly used in wine. For those thinking it's only Chardonnay or white wines and that it can't happen to your Merlot. After all, the reports state that white wines have a higher content of sulfates, and you can probably live without sulfates thanks to the many organic options out there.

Well, not so fast... it may not even be sulfate related either.  The RWH (Red Wine Headache), not to be confused with a hangover, just a severe, sudden headache resulting from even modest red wine consumption. Might be the culprit of your aliments.

Testing for wine allergies

1. See an allergist. They may be able to test you for various sensitivities common to wine.
2. Try taking an antihistamine before drinking. Even a VERY small dose (half or even 1/4 of a pill may alleviate your symptoms with no alcohol/antihistamine danger.
3. Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs cause fewer problems than other wines. Also French wines may be better for you than American.
4. You might also try some organic or biodynamic wines. More and more are available today. Many French (and other) wines are produced organically even if they make no claim on the label. You may have to do some research.

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