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Drinking Habit Treatment For your Health

drinking habit of a young man

A moderate drinking habit may not harm your health but instead, provide you with notable health benefits. Your choice of beverage can be an excellent ice-breaker on social occasions and undoubtedly spike your mood. Over the years everybody must have told you how alcohol damages your body. In fact, if you come home wasted every night, it does expose you to severe risks. But here we tell you how boozing in moderation comes out as an option that’s not all bad! 12 to 14 drinks in a week should be looked upon as moderate drinking for men. Find out the perks you can enjoy if you have a moderate drinking habit. Also, learn how excessive drinking can have deteriorating effects on your health.

Surprising benefits to enjoy with a controlled Drinking Habit.

Reduces the risk of Diabetes

reduced diabetes risk

A Dutch study claims that adults who consumed one to two glasses of alcohol every day have fewer chances of getting type-2 diabetes. Thus, this shows moderate consumption of alcohol does promote healthy lifestyle.

Lowered risk of developing Gallstones

lowered risk of gallstones

A study conducted by researchers at the University of East Anglia shows that the chances of developing Gallstones reduce by one-third. But this is only beneficial if you have only two glasses of alcohol daily.

Good for your heart

improved heart health

Alcohol especially red wine promotes your heart health. Moderate boozing habit can lower your risk of developing heart diseases by a significant percent. Generally it improves the heart health by reducing bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol. This further decreases blood pressure and lipids in the blood which can result in clogged arteries.

Improved Libido

enhanced libido

In defiance of popular belief, a controlled drinking habit in men does not give rise to erectile dysfunction. This is especially true for men who consume wine. It improves their libido to a great extent as compared to guys who do not drink. The credits for this can thus be given to the heart-healthy antioxidants present in wine.

How can your Health deteriorate due to Alcoholism!

Weight Gain

avoid drinking for weight loss

Be more watchful of that heavy drinking if you are trying to get back in shape as it can make you gain weight. The mixers in alcoholic beverages and beer have a huge calorie count. Meanwhile two to three drinks do not have any side effects. But if you are dusting off a six pack every night those extra calories can lead to weight gain.

Sleep Disruption

sleep disruption

An unreasonable drinking habit can harm your brain and get in the middle of your peaceful sleep. It affects your sleeping pattern and can make you feel tired all the time.


man with anxiety

Alcoholism leads you to drink heavily which affects your brain, making it difficult to concentrate and make a judgment. Not only this, but it also affects your emotions and mood opening gates for anxiety and depression to crawl in. Thus people with anxiety should refrain from excessive drinking.

Liver Damage

rise in liver problems

It is a known fact that excess alcohol consumption is bad for your liver and can further damage it. Also, torturing your liver with an excessive regular drinking habit will cause it to inflame. So if you don’t want to risk your health with severe liver diseases, maintain distance from a bad boozing habit.

So the next time somebody hands you a drink do not be afraid to have it! Instead, chug on your favorite cocktail or drink but don’t forget to count your glasses!

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