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Exercise To Increase Muscle Mass

Does Lifting Weights Increase Life muscle mass

You won’t need us to tell you just how beneficial and healthy it is for you to exercise, as the various health benefits and advantages are extremely well documented and extremely well known, considered common knowledge amongst most people. Now, as far as which forms of exercise are concerned, most people consider forms of cardio as the most beneficial for general health and well-being, but the truth is that exercise increased the levels of muscle mass and can also play a vital role in our health and can significantly help us to prolong our lives as a result.

Lifting weights exercise to increase muscle mass and live longer

People seem to think that weight training is unhealthy, as it’s well documented that pro bodybuilders aren’t the fittest or the healthiest in the world. Now, for starters, pro bodybuilders are in a different league to regular people altogether, and it’s no secret that some of them also rely on certain, shall we say, chemical supplements to help them achieve the unholy amounts of muscle that they carry around. If you increase your muscle mass naturally, in a healthy and controlled way, then the health benefits will soon become apparent.

Muscle mass helps protect you from injury

Now, this is more of an advantage that you don’t have much control over, but even so, it’s still extremely important. Say you’re skiing or playing sports, and you were to take a nasty fall, landing on your neck and back. We all know that the Central Nervous System is made up from the brain and your spinal column, and if you were to damage it, you could die or end up severely injured, possibly even paralyzed. The only thing protecting your neck will be your muscles. If you’re skinny and underweight, you run the risk of snapping your neck altogether. If you’re big and muscular, the muscle will act as a layer of protection and will help cushion the blow. This goes for other parts of your body too. It may sound unlikely, but accidents do happen every day, and increased muscle mass could protect you from injury, and possibly even save your life.

More muscle means more calories being burnt

To maintain muscle mass, the body requires more calories than it would with body fat. For that reason, the metabolism burns more calories in order to supply the energy and nutrients needed for the muscles. More calories means more fat being burnt off, so you can control your weight, and will have more energy in the process. It’s no secret that being overweight can have a very negative impact on your health, so controlling your weight is vital, which is why increasing your muscle mass can be so beneficial.

More muscle means better mental health and confidence: exercise to increase muscle mass

You may not think that being happy and confident could help improve your health and prolong your life but everything is related. The happier and more confident we are, the more we’ll want to exercise and workout, and we’ll feel more energized as a result. The more we exercise, the healthier we’ll be. As well as that, happy chemicals, such as endorphins, which are released via the brain when we exercise, have also been found to possess certain health benefits too.

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