Organic Supplements – Does it Matter?

Organic Supplements – Does it MatterTake a stroll through Whole Foods or GNC and you’ll see a literal wall of natural organic supplements choices. Some proudly proclaim themselves ‘pure.’ Others hang their hats on being developed in a ‘controlled laboratory setting.’ And still others flash that trendy ‘organic’ label in the hopes to get your purchase. Buying organic supplement depend on what supplement you are buying.

Organic supplements does it matter

But here’s the low-down on the subject… it all depends on the particular organic supplements you’re taking. Vitamin E, for example, in and of itself is not the kind of thing that is harvested from nature in raw form (like would be a juice). Yes, it occurs naturally in many of the foods we eat, but no one is wringing out wheat germ into a funnel to deliver it to you.

Remember almost all supplement that say organic have processed ingredient in them.

In other words, it’s going to spend some time being “processed” into a state where you can pop it in its familiar gel-coated capsule. Processing is also important to give your supplement some shelf life so you the product will hold up until you are able to ingest it all. The same can be said of a multitude of supplements, and common sense is really the only guide you need to figure out whether or not organic is important in that respect.

Research your supplement see if power better for you than pill.

What may be of more interest to you is the actual delivery system of the supplement itself. With any pill or capsule, there are binding agents holding that structure together. Gel-like coatings usually contain gelatin, which surprises some to learn is related to animal protein. Strict vegans often look for non-gelatin supplements or those with vegan-friendly composition. But just because it is vegan doesn’t mean it’s organic. Again, the thing to understand there is an inherent level of processing involved. Your focus for organic measurement should be more limited to things like protein powders, fruit/veggie blends and the like. And even then, there’s not a ton of organic benefit to be had in this case.

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