Pain Medication Treatment With weed Yes or No?

weed for pain medication- yes or no?

When we talk about pain medication, the last thing you talk about is marijuana. Or maybe you do, hey it's legal for medicinal purposes in 32 states and counting! With the acceptance of recreational marijuana across the globe, people are warming up to it. They now accept the myriad of medicinal properties of weed which has been marginalized significantly. The truth is that several medicinal properties have come into the picture, with new studies being performed every day. And recently, there have been talks about using weed as a replacement for pain medication. As a part of society, it is only fair that we go through the vices and virtues of the preposition before making a call. So, are you ready? Let look closely into the good and bad of medicinal marijuana for pain management.

Weed for pain medication: Yay or Nay?

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Reasons why you should try it out

There are various health organizations that are adopting medical marijuana. They come with an intention to amplify the traditional medications or replace them entirely. There is research that shows that using cannabis can help in keeping certain ailments in check. This is especially true when you are suffering from health issues like intense pain, mental health issues like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, headaches and pain linked to arthritis and back injuries. It is applied to keep the adverse effects of chemotherapy in control. Weed also relieves nausea experienced by HIV-AIDS patients and decreases seizures.

Possible drawbacks of medical marijuana

As they say, moderation is key. Or as in the case of cannabis, the recommended amount should be followed. However, the thing with marijuana is that the feel-good effect could insinuate an urge to use it repeatedly, thereby enabling you to consume larger quantities than the recommended. For those watching your weight, increased marijuana use can lead to food cravings, which can result in unwanted weight gain. Also,  withdrawal from cannabis can lead to mental distress, irritation and decreased sleep quality and quantity.

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To add to the list of possible drawbacks of cannabis use is the impairment of cognitive capacity. Also, there is an impairment of conscious physical movements and coordination. However, in comparison to traditional opioid pain medications and their long list of drawbacks, like possible death and addiction it's really a no brainer.

Medical marijuana has been around for centuries and even with all the restrictions and unnecessary criminalization of this wonder plant it has persisted. If you suffer from chronic pain do yourself a favor and give medical marijuana a try. There are also

Please remember to always talk with your doctor before starting any new medical treatment. They will be able to help determine if medical cannabis is right for you. The best we can do is keep an open mind and take the good while we avoid the bad.

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