Protein To Pump You up for Bigger Muscles

Pump up Your Protein for Bigger MusclesPump up your protein for bigger muscles. Ask 100 people whether they’re happy with their current physique, or whether they’d like to alter it in some way, you will find more than 90% of those individuals would say no, they aren’t happy with their body, and if they could choose, they’d choose to burn off and get rid of excess body fat, and either retain, or build a little extra muscle. The ideal physique for many men is one which is stripped of body fat, with visible abs, and a good amount of lean muscle mass to boot. The truth is that losing weight takes time, as does building muscle, but if you want it bad enough, then it is entirely possible. Protein for example, is ideal for anybody looking to build muscle, as it contains a number of properties which muscle can benefit from greatly. It is also however, very effective for losing fat as well.

Pump up your protein for bigger muscles

Protein increases the metabolism

Your metabolism is responsible for burning calories found in fat, and converting them into energy for your body. Protein just so happens to be entirely thermogenic, meaning that in order to process protein, the body uses up much more energy, and where does it get this energy? From calories and fat, that’s where. In order to process and digest protein rich foods, the body uses up way more calories than it does to process carbohydrates and regular fat too for that matter. This means your metabolism is running at a much higher efficiency when processing protein.

Protein fills you up for longer

When we’re hungry, we eat, and when we get hungry, we tend to crave foods which are high in fat, and therefore bad for us. Protein has been proven to help keep us feel full for longer, meaning that the fuller we are, the less we eat, and the less fat we gain as a result. Not only this, but protein rich foods are generally naturally low in fat, so we can eat more, and won’t have to worry about gaining weight as a result.

It is essential for the growth and repair of muscle

Protein is vital for the growth and repair of muscle tissue in the body. In order to build muscle, you must first break down existing muscle fibers, which the body then rebuilds bigger and stronger whilst you rest. In order to rebuild and repair these existing muscle tissues and fiber however, the body requires it, and the amino acids contained in proteins. Eating a diet rich in protein, as well as perhaps using a protein supplement, provides the body with everything it needs in order to rebuild new muscle mass even bigger and stronger than it was previously.

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