Self Exams for Men You Definitely Should Do

Self Exams for MenWith all the awarness these days men are taking a closer look at their health and well-being and realizing these are not things you should take lightly. This is so important since most men don’t like to make a fuss about their health, and will only visit a doctor when it’s absolutely necessary. But that little saying a self exams for men can avoid a bigger problem later.

Self Exams for Men You Should Know About

They may not like the doctor because they are embarrassed, stubborn, or just not thoughtful enough to go and get them self checked out on a regular basis. If this applies to you, and you drag your feet on getting your annual check-up, then you should make sure that you perform regular check-ups on your very own body.

These checks may not take long, and can be done in the privacy of your own home, and could wind up saving your life one day. We have found three self exams for men that all men should perform upon themselves on a regular basis, to ensure that they’re fit and healthy, and that they remain that way in the future.

Testicular examination tests 

These are tests performed on a man’s testicles, designed to detect any lumps, growths, or abnormalities that could possibly indicate signs of testicular cancer. Signs to look out for are enlarged testicles, changes in color or appearance, or large lumps that never used to be there. To perform the check, gently press down on the penis and testicles a number of times, to try to detect any lumps or abnormalities. The test needs to be thorough, and every part of these organs must be checked several times. If you do notice any changes in size or color, or any lumps or bumps, seek medical advice immediately. Speed is the key, and could be the difference between life and death.

Men’s breast exams

Many people think that breast cancer only affects women, but this is not the case. Although breast cancer in men is a lot less common than in women, it can still occur, so the correct measures must be carried out to ensure that your breasts are cancer free. Much like a woman’s breast exam, to perform the check, simply feel up and down your chest, looking for any lumps or abnormalities. Be sure to cover the entire chest area, and check several times just to be sure.

Self prostate exam

This is the most tricky and does require a fair amount of preparation first. It is a rectal exam, designed to check for signs of prostate cancer. You need to insert your fingers in the rectum, so you must make sure that they are clean and sterile first. Next put on gloves, and add some lubricant to the fingers. Vaseline or KY Jelly work especially well.

Next, insert the finger inside your rectum, and reach up until you feel it reach your prostate. Next, check how firm it feels. If it feels soft, it will feel just like soft skin, this is the sign of a healthy prostate. If it feels firm, it may feel hard like a knuckle on your hand, and this could be a sign that your prostate will need further medical testing. If it does feel firm, seek medical advice immediately, even if you’re not sure, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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