Health Problems Related to Stress

Serious Health Problems Related to StressIs the stress killing you? It may be… literally. Stress can cause some serious health issues. Let’s look at a few serious health problems related to stress. These are just a few of the many reasons to reduce stress in your life.

Top Health Problems Related to Stress

Heart Problems

Heart problems are one of the biggest concerns for people who live high stress lives. Stress can cause anything from high blood pressure to a heart attack. If heart disease runs in your family or if you are already experiencing blood pressure problems, it’s time to reduce the stress level.

Stress raises cortisol levels in your body. You’ve probably heard of this hormone. It’s the one the results in your body storing all that belly fat. Yes, stress can result in obesity, and there are many other health problems that occur when someone has a serious weight problem. If you’ve been putting on a lot of weight and it is all focused in the belly region, stress could be the culprit.


There is also a connection between stress and diabetes. There are two primary causes for this link. First of all, stress seems to have a direct connection to blood sugar levels. Secondly, stressed people tend to turn to “comfort foods” and most of those are bad for your glucose level.


While stress may not directly cause an ulcer as was once suspected, it will make one worse. Plus, people with high stress levels tend to have many other gastrointestinal problems such as acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Stress just isn’t good on the digestive tract.

Anxiety and Pannic Attacks

People who are constantly under stress suffer mentally as well. Anxiety disorders are common and panic attacks may be debilitating. Depression has also been linked to high levels of stress. Destressing is an important part of maintaining your mental health.

Age Your Appearance

Here’s another concern. Stress actually can make you age faster. Studies have shown that people under extreme stress age anywhere from 9 to 17 years faster than their less stressed counter parts. That graying hair or those new wrinkles may be the result of stress, and while looking older may not be a serious health concern, feeling older certainly is.

Weakens immune system

A compromised immune system is another affect of stress. This is a major health concern because it leaves you open to all sorts of other conditions. A weakened immune system means catching every bug that gets passed around the office. It’s bad for productivity which can increase stress and weaken the immune system even further.

It’s time to ditch the unnecessary stress. As you can see, stress can affect your health and thus your happiness. Get your health back by finding ways to reduce stress.

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