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Simple Cheat Meals To Use in Your Diet

How to Use Cheat Meals in Your DietExtreme diets are generally rooted in failure due to the body being deprived from fat and carbohydrates for too much of an extended period of time. Such deprivation will only result in the body developing natural and intense cravings for a cheat meals day for these foods. On occasion a person will feel an uncontrollable nudge which will result in giving way to their cravings followed by afterwards guilt.

The solution to this vicious cycle and guilty conscience is to plan weekly cheat meals during your diet program. Every week spoil yourself with whatever meal you’re craving. It doesn’t matter what the specific meal is, a burger, deep dish pizza, pancakes, even ice-cream. The aim of this particular planning is to give you a break from your healthy eating habits and create a one time weekly splurge to allow you to remain on your healthy plan over a long term period without the feeling of guilt. This plan also serves additionally in boosting a persons metabolism and other benefits.

The Right Way to Use Cheat Meals Days

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It is generally recommended that a person have a specific cheat meal day rather than a cheat day as an entire day filled with unhealthy eating habits can unwillingly create an unhealthy pattern resulting in spiked blood levels and develop a highly unhealthy relationship with food. With regards to the cheat meal the calorie count should never be in excess of your daily calorie count stipulated by your diet plan and as such should be documented within your diet diary.

This will ensure that you do not ruin all the hard work you have achieved so far during the previous week. It has been widely advised and observed that the only way to effectively stay within the confinements of a good diet plan and cheat is to limit the portions to be consumed. If you’re planning on having a Chicken and Shrimp Pasta, you should have just a handful in size with a side dish of vegetables. Leftovers should be frozen and stored in the freezer for the next cheat meal. When eating out at your favorite restaurant order a drink, an appetizer or even desert with the entree. By doing this you will allow your cheat meal to be more reasonable.

Is having a cheat meal effective?

Many have pondered with the thought of why a person should cheat. I prefer to think of the willpower as functioning similar to our muscles. Over any period of time with constant use our muscles become sore and tired. In such a situation like our muscles that need rest and time to rebuild and by implementing a cheat meal we allow our muscles and inadvertently our will power to go through the natural process of a king of manual reset allowing us to return to the previous state and ready for the exercise process again.

Long Term Plan

Best Foods to Promote Healthy Sleep

By looking forward to a cheat meal brightens the mood of any person on a diet plan and provides a positive mentality which is required within a diet plan to successfully burn calories.

One of the most valued aspects of a cheat meal is that by sticking to a healthier diet for an extended period of time will naturally result in less cravings for cheat meals. Over time the urge to cheat will become slowly nonexistent as the tendency to have a fruit salad or yogurt as opposed to your favorite dish of ice-cream will become more prevalent. You will become to develop a natural taste and craving for healthier foods which in time you will be rewarded with a healthier mind and body longer and richer lives.

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