Love Handles Simple Ways to Lose Them

Simple Ways to Lose your Love HandlesIf you want to get yourself into the absolute best shape of your life, then you’re going to need to make some changes to your training, your diet, and your overall approach to your health and fitness as a whole. One area which you’ll need to pay special attention to is your love handles and how to get rid of love handles. Love handles perhaps have a slightly misleading title. The name sounds cuddly, cute and sweet, where as in actual fact, most men would get rid of theirs in a hear beat. Love handles is basically a polite way of referring to build ups of body fat around the hip area. Love handles are not especially attractive, can be unsightly, and can also make it pretty difficult to purchase clothing that fits. There are ways of getting rid of them however, so worry no more.

Simple Ways to Lose Your Love Handles

Cut out the crap, and eat clean and healthy

Love handles are basically large build ups and deposits of fat around the hip area. With that being said, as they’re formed from fat, you should try to cut back on the amount of fat you consume, try to lose weight, and eat healthier. The fatter you get, the larger they become. The slimmer you get, the smaller they become. It isn’t rocket science and it isn’t difficult. No more sugary processed junk, and plenty more fresh fruits, lean meats, and vegetables, all of which are healthy, packed full of healthy goodness, and are low in fat naturally.

Do more cardiovascular exercise

If you don’t enjoy cardio then that’s just too bad, because if you want to rid your body of unsightly love handles for good, then you’re going to have to do more cardio. Cardio burns fat, and as they’re made up from fat, you’ll be wanting to burn as much of it away as possible. You can try swimming, jogging, running, the treadmill, exercise bikes, boxing, martial arts, housework, gardening, playing games, the list of cardio activities on offer is seemingly endless. As well as helping to get rid of your love handles, cardio is great for strengthening your heart and making you fitter and healthier as a whole.

Work your core more by using exercises which target your abdomen

As well as cardio, if you want to eliminate your love handles for good, then you’re going to have to work your core more, and perform more exercises which hit your abs. Twisting crunches are a fantastic exercise for helping to effectively reduce love handles in a relatively short space of time. To perform them, you lay flat on your back as if you’re going to do a regular crunch or sit-up.

Rather than just sitting up and performing a stomach crunch however, you instead raise one of your knees at a time, and try to touch it with the elbow of the opposite arm. So, you’d raise your left knee to your right elbow, and then your right knee to your left elbow. This exercise is fantastic for working all of the major muscles around your core, and really give all of the muscles around your waist, a good workout.

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