Heart Health: Simple Ways to Prevent The Disease

Simple Ways to Improve Your Heart HealthHeart disease is a big health problem for men today, statistics show that men have higher likelihood dying from heart disease than women. From a heart attack to stroke, clogged arteries and more, paying attention to your heart health is vital to ensuring that you live a long and healthy life. In an effort to help you here are 4 ways to make your heart healthier starting today.

Simple ways to improve your heart health

Work Off that Pudginess Around Your Middle

reduce pudginess belly fat

Oftentimes being overweight, especially around the mid section, can contribute greatly to heart issues… making them far more likely to have heart disease the longer they are overweight. It is important that you exercise regularly and pay attention to staying fit around your middle so that your heart and body isn’t working overtime to keep itself running. Even working out just several times a week for 30 minutes can be all the difference.

Cut Back/Quit Your Bad Habits

Quit Smoking and Other Bad Habits to improve heart health

Bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc can do a lot to quickly degrade the health of your heart. From clogging your arteries to restricting the blood vessels, vices like alcohol and smoking make your heart more susceptible to everything from a stroke to a heart attack.

Laugh Every Day

laugh every day

They say that laughter is the best medicine and they’re right. There have been countless research studies over the years that have directly linked laughter to reducing stress levels and lowering the risks for major health problems such as heart disease. Whether it is sharing a joke with a friend or taking a trip to the local comedy club, try and laugh every day, and see how much better you and your heart feels for it.

Eat Healthier

Eat Healthy to fight heart disease

The foods you eat play a major part in the overall health of your heart because foods like red meats, processed foods with trans fats, sweets and more help to clog the arteries, restrict blood/oxygen flow in the body and make your heart work harder to keep itself running. It is best to try and eat a diet rich in multi-colored fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, buts, whole grains, etc. Try to only indulge in less healthy foods sporadically… making it an occasional treat rather than a daily occurrence.

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