Summer BBQ – Guiltless Ribs Recipe

Summer BBQ – Guiltless Ribs RecipeNothing says summer cook out like a delicious rack of ribs. However depending on where you go most restaurant versions will easily take you over 1,000 calories on the meal. Not to worry a little do it yourself work at home can have you enjoying your favorite foods while still keeping your health in mind. If you think certain foods cannot be trimmed for healthy consumption try out this guiltless ribs recipe and we’ll let you be the judge.

Guiltless Ribs Recipe


• 1 - 2 rack(s) of baby back ribs
• Pot of boiling water

For Sauce
• 1 cup Ketchup
• 4 tbsp. Hot Sauce (optional)
• 4 tbsp. Light Soy Sauce
• 2 tsp. Garlic Salt
• 2 tsp. Garlic Pepper
• 3 cloves Freshly Pressed Garlic


Select the leaner cuts like baby back ribs from your local butcher and request to have all excess fat removed. Mix your sauce using the above ingredients; paint your ribs using a brush and let sit overnight in the fridge or at least two hours prior to cooking. Leave enough sauce for basting while on the grill. Once you are ready to start your ribs set a pot of water to boil and fully boil rack for 1 hour on med high heat. This will make ribs tender and help boil out extra fat. Once ribs are soft, heat your grill to med – high heat. Baste ribs completely and put your rack on the grill. Rotate every 4 minutes for 2-3 rotations basting each side till sauce bakes on and edges are slightly charred. Throw some vegetables like zuchinni bell pepper or a few ears of corn on the grill instead of high fat/ carb sides like mac and cheese or potato salad for extra calorie savings. And most importantly have lots of napkins handy for this satisfying and guiltless ribs recipe.

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