The HAPIfork: Dieting of the Future

The HAPIfork: Dieting of the FutureFor many people dieting doesn’t come naturally and they find themselves eating foods that aren’t exactly healthy and in quantities that just add to the excess fat that has settled around their bellies. Dieting for men is almost an oxymoron; it doesn’t seem to compute very well does it? but there is the HAPIfork the latest craze.

Weight Loss Breakthrough’s with the HAPIfork

Dieting up until a few years ago was almost synonymous with women as they tried diet after diet trying to lose that stubborn weight they had gained. Now, more men have embarrassed dieting and the general maintenance of their minds and bodies as the population finds it harder and harder to stay at a healthy weight. There seems to be countless weight-loss products out there to help people get in shape, eat less, lose stubborn pounds and so forth, and the latest product is the HAPIfork.

What is the HAPIfork?

Well, it’s a fork… but, a “smart” fork. The premise behind the HAPIfork is that eating too quickly can not only allow people to eat too much food at one sitting, but can also cause digestion problems as well.

The HAPIfork is handy little tool that helps people to keep track of what they eat, how often they eat and how much they eat. The tool is looks like a cross between a fork and a flash drive; it has the normal pronged end that you can eat with, but the handle holds a sophisticated computer that keeps a digital record of a person’s eating habits so that they can be aware of what they eat and the ways in which they can change them for the better.

How does the HAPIfork work?

The electronic fork has a handy indicator light that alerts an eater when they are eating too fast so that they can be ever conscious of their eating habits. By doing so the HAPIfork allows users to slowly, but surely change their eating habits by being that independent observer that prods the eater to slow down their eating pattern.

The HAPIfork’s computer attachment can be easily linked up with another computer or phone so that users can have a firsthand look at everything from how long it took them to eat a meal to how much of a “fork serving” they eat with each bite. Who of the dieters out there wouldn’t want a silent, but judgmental observer to their daily eating habits? Sure the HAPIfork is a little weird, but in today’s day and age where food servings have doubled or tripled it can be a little hard to figure out how much food where are really eating and how quickly.

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