Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan to Follow

The Mediterranean DietWhen it comes to eating healthy, one of the most recommended diets is the Mediterranean diet. Now if you live in Italy, France, or Spain, you probably wouldn't see anything out of the ordinary about this diet, but to the average American, it has a distinct lack of processed foods.

Why we love the Mediterranean Diet and You Should Too

Yes, the Mediterranean diet focuses on whole foods, and provides many health benefits. What do you need to eat if you are going to be on a Mediterranean diet, and what are the benefits?

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet will consist of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also meat and dairy products (but not processed stuff like cold cuts) as well as nuts and olives. The primary oil used in cooking is olive oil. You will have to minimize unhealthy fat intake while on this diet. Fish is the protein of choice, along with legumes. Also, you can consume a moderate amount of wine (Arbor Mist and wine coolers are not wine... that is soda with a little alcohol in it).

Let's Get Cooking

As you can tell, this is going mean some prep time for meals, and that can scare some guys off, but wait until you hear the benefits of this kind of healthy eating style. First of all, this diet has far more in terms of nutrients than an over processed diet would. Research shows that people on this diet live longer lives and have fewer chronic issues like heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, certain types of cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Plus, following this diet seems to result in a lower mortality rate for those who do end up with cancer.

Longevity and Quality of Life through food

That's great for down the road, but since you have to put the effort into it now, what benefits can you expect immediately? This diet is good for your heart. As well know, whatever is good for your heart is good for the bedroom too. Combine this diet with regular exercise and your heart should work properly both now and on into the future, and that prospect serves a man well.

The Mediterranean diet proves that you can be healthy and still eat very well. Fresh spices combine with whole foods to make delicious meals. A little effort goes a long way. Your body will thank you for it both now and later. So the next time you are about to stop by a fast food joint on the way home, remember what your diet can do for you, or to you if you let it.

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