The Starbuck’s Diet That Expert love

The Starbuck’s Diet That Expert love Yeah, you heard that right, the Starbuck’s diet. Starbuck’s, famous for deliciously decadent coffee and drinks, has recently been proclaimed as a great place to carefully plan and eat healthy meals for Starbuck’s loving dieters… at least for Christine Hall, a law librarian from Dallas, Texas. Ms. Hall started eating solely at Starbuck’s two years ago and since that time has lost over 80 lbs, saying she feels healthier than ever.

What is the Starbucks Diet?

When you think of Starbuck’s you probably think of their drinks foremost and then their fattening desserts second, not healthy, calorie conscious meals. But for Christine Hall, Starbuck’s is a place where dieting is as easy as a trip to her local coffeehouse. Hall, a spry 66 years old, began the Starbuck’s diet because she had spent years yo-yoing from one diet to another, always having issues sticking to them with the busy on-the-go lifestyle she followed. When she finally ran across the Starbuck’s diet by chance, she latched on to it and has been going strong since that time.

Clearly Labeled Nutrition Facts

She says that the thing that makes the Starbuck’s diet so easy to follow is that Starbuck’s labels all of their packaged food with easy to read nutritional information, making counting calories simple. Hall usually has a simple black coffee and oatmeal or fruit cups for breakfast, followed by a hot Panini or bistro box for both lunch and dinner. She will vary from day to day what she eats, but often sticks to her favorites such as the hot Panini’s.

Does it work?

For some the Starbuck’s diet may seem like a weird and possibly expensive dieting option, but for Christine Hall it is a life saving that has helped her get down to a healthy weight in just two years. Of course there is concern that the Starbuck’s diet isn’t a healthy option for long-term. Since Ms. Hall has become a national news story dieticians and physicians across the country have stated quite plainly that those who follow the diet are at risk for malnutrition because the foods found at Starbuck’s simply don’t offer enough nutritional value for every meal, every day.

“Like other diets, the Starbuck’s diet does not work in the long run… if offers very little in the way of proper nutrition over a long period of time.” Stated John Patterson, a trained dietician who has spent over 20 years helping people to eat healthy and lose weight properly. “The labeled package food may offer dieters a way to easily count calories, but when it comes to providing the necessary nutrients the body needs to function, the food is severely lacking.”

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