Being Fat The True Cost of being Unhealthy

The True Cost of Being FatLet's face it being fat is bad for your health as you’re probably all too aware by now, being overweight can have a number of very serious consequences and draw backs, both physically, but also, which many people often seem to overlook, financially as well.

Why is being fat so expensive?

Worldwide obesity rates

Recently, worldwide obesity levels peaked at their highest ever, meaning more and more people in the world are currently obese than at any point in previous history. Obesity and morbid obesity costs both the tax payer, and the governments literally millions upon millions every single year. As a result of this, governments and specialists are finally starting to take things seriously and are waking up to the dangers and complications both physically and financially, associated with being fat.

Need for new larger equipment

Obesity requires hospitals and businesses to create larger equipment and seating in order to safely seat obese individuals – If you’ve ever seen any of those documentaries on the TV, where people are sometimes literally too big to fit through their door, that emergency services have to literally cut away part of their house in order to get them out, what you may not have taken into consideration, was just how expensive something as trivial as getting an obese person outside of their home actually is.

The procedure requires man power and time, meaning that each person working on the task will be getting paid wages in order to do their job. Then there’s the specialist equipment, the power tools, the harnesses, the reinforced stretchers etc, etc. These pieces of equipment are specially designed and created with heavy duty solid materials which do not come cheap. Then there’s ambulances, which have been specially created and built to be larger in size, in order to cope with carrying and transporting obese individuals, as well as allowing them to fit inside in the first place. Public transport such as airplanes have been forced to create seating and safety equipment designed to fit the larger person, which again, does not come cheap.

Cost of Medication

Medications to deal with weight related health issues are also not cheap – Weight related health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure or cholesterol can be controlled and managed by specially formulated pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, which have to be taken on a regular basis. Creating these drugs and medicines costs an absolute fortune, and not only that, for the patients themselves, buying these drugs can also be pretty costly, especially when you consider than ordinarily and ideally, these medicines and drugs simply wouldn't have been necessary.

Bigger clothing means bigger costs –

In the business world, the more materials you use to create a product, the more money you’ll spend, and the more money you’ll have to sell these products for in order to make a profit. This especially applies to clothing aimed at the larger person as they’ll obviously require bigger clothing, which will be more expensive than average sized clothing. It’s unfortunate but it’s basic economics.

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