Cough: What Different Type of Cough Mean

Cough: What Different Type of Cough MeanThis time of year is a rough time for allergies. And because men generally have larger nasal passages than women, we’re much more likely to suffer from post-nasal drip and the inevitable cough that follows. Being men also means we’re less likely to care for that properly. Which just makes us sound like weak geriatric citizens with lung problems. So here are a few quick fixes organized by the type of cough.

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Itchy, Dry

a teaspoon of honey can be a big help, as can a cup of chamomile tea. Ditch overly hot or caffeinated beverages which can irritate the itchy feeling further. And of course, take a break from smoking.

Wet, Congested

cough drops with menthol can be very helpful, but peppermints are a soothing natural option. Heavy congestion is often best treated by over-the-counter medications designed to break up mucous, which won’t initially stop a cough, but will make each cough more productive so the duration will be shortened.

Wheezing, Strained

This usually indicates some level of infection, accompanied by mild or moderate swelling. Treat this very carefully as it can escalate into something serious rather quickly. If you find yourself struggling to breathe, you may need medical intervention with anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids to reduce swelling before your airway becomes obstructed. It is one of the most common disease which lead people to visit doctor. Frequent cough may cause throat infection. It can be more dangerous. So it is much more important that if someone experience it on regular basis then consult doctor and get examined.

However, if happens once or twice it is good to clean the larger larger nasal passages and of course for healthy breathing. Most of the coughs ends within three weeks. It is a reflex action which leads the airways, dust, smoke, clear of mucus.

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