How to Use a Muscle Gain Calculator

How to Use a Muscle Gain CalculatorCalculating exactly how much muscle you have put on with a muscle gain calculator in the last two months or the last two weeks should be something that you incorporate into your muscle gain goals. But simply jumping on a scale won't do the trick since there is a big difference between gaining weight and gaining muscle.

Guide on How to Use a Muscle Gain Calculator

We will be discussing the difference between muscle gain and weight gain and how to calculate the difference. We all know very well that it is easy to gain weight. You just need to eat junk food every day and you will be gaining weight, but that is not the weight we are talking about here.  Gaining fat is easy but we are talking about gaining lean body mass and that takes hard work which comes from high intensity workouts and organized nutrition planning. Yes you read that correctly, you will not gain muscle without planning for it. One great way to start your planning is to use a muscle gain calculator.

Determine Your Body Fat Percentage

You can find muscle gain calculators online which will tell you exactly how to work out how much lean body weight you have put on. However, the only way to effectively find out how much lean body mass you are carrying is to find out what your body fat content is. There are many ways that you can do that but the cheapest is without a doubt is to use a simple skin-fold caliper. The more accurate but a lot more expensive is to test using the hydroscopic weighing facility where they dip your body in water.

Once you know your body fat you can simply multiply it by your body weight on the scale then subtract the amount of fat and you have your answer.

Muscle Gain Calculator Example:

Bodyweight 190 x Body Fat 18% = 34.2 llbs of fat. 190 - 34.2 = 155.8 llbs of pure muscle.

Keep track of these numbers on a weekly or monthly basis so you can effectively measure your muscle gain accurately and make adjustments along the way if needed.

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