Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

Ways to Improve Your Heart Healthways improve heart health - Heart disease is one of the biggest health issues to face men today with men 40% more likely to get and die from heart disease than women. Because of that it is important to take your heart health by the horns and proactively work towards improving the functionality and health of your heart. Take a look at these 6 heart healthy tips Ways Improve Heart Health that will help to prevent the development of heart disease in men.

The Best Ways to Improve Heart Health

Go Cold Turkey on the Vices

Smoking and drinking are two of the risk factors that can increase the likelihood of heart disease in men. Quitting can drastically significant ways-improve-heart-health and give you betters odds in avoiding one of the leading causes of death in men today.

Amp Up Your Playtime in the Bedroom

You might be surprised to find that an active sex life can reduce your risks of heart disease by lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol which can be a major participant or ways-improve-heart-health. So the next time you feel a bit of lust coming on when you see your wife or girlfriend do something sexy follow the urge to pounce, your heart will thank you for it!

Lose a Little Weight

 Men who are overweight, especially around their middle section, are more likely to develop heart disease than other men. Taking the time to lose a little weight and get slimmed down around your middle can greatly reduce the likelihood that you will suffer heart disease or suffer a heart attack that could leave you severely disabled or dead.

Get Out More

An active, but reasonable social life has been shown to help decrease the chances of heart disease in men. From B-ball with friends to hiking with the family, getting out more in a active and social way can not only reduce your weight, but also becomes ways improve heart health.

Look for the Funny Side of Life

Studies have shown that people who laugh often are less likely to develop major health issues such as heart disease because laughter aids in lowering stress which can damage the endothelium in your bodies ( the delicate tissue that surrounds blood vessels and directs the flow of blood in the body.) Whether you take a few minutes to joke around with pals or sit down and enjoy a favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother, laugh a little and let the stress fall away. These are ways improve heart health.

Cut Down on the Bad Food

Helping to prevent heart disease doesn’t mean that you have to avoid foods like red meat, sweets, fast food, etc, but it does mean that you should restrict certain kinds of foods to rare or special occasions. Try to stick mainly to healthy food options such as lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, whole grains and more with a few tasty, but less healthy treats every now and then.

Doing multiple exercises are ways improve heart health.

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