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Weight Loss Shortcuts and the Health Dangers

Health Dangers of weight loss shortcuts ShortcutsIf you’ve ever tried to get in shape, and let’s face it, most of us have at some point, and could very well have managed it as well, then you won’t need us to tell you just how difficult and time consuming it can actually be. Getting in shape is no easy feat, and it certainly does not happen overnight. In order to get fit and healthy, a person needs to put in a great amount of effort and hard work, and no weight loss shortcuts in order to reap the rewards.

Weight loss shortcuts that do more harm than good

You must be motivated, knowledgeable, able, and above all else, willing to accept the fact that for the next few months, possibly even years, you will need to leave your comfort zone and push yourself harder than you ever have before in your whole life. Despite this, people still think that they can essentially, cheat genetics, cheat nature, and even cheat themselves by following some silly shortcut to try to speed up their weight loss and fitness progress. There are some pretty common diet shortcuts that people attempt every single day, from all corners of the earth, and end up suffering and putting their health at risk as a result.

“Slimming pills”

These so-called “slimming pills” are extremely dangerous, extremely bogus, and should be given an extremely wide berth indeed, and by that, we mean you should avoid them at all costs. Often, these supposedly miracle pills, contain little more than caffeine a few vitamins, and other stimulants. They claim to melt fat and boost your metabolism, when in fact, all they do is temporarily stimulate your body, increase your heart rate and blood pressure due to the stimulants, and put you at risk of heart attack, renal failure, or other extremely dangerous health complications. Losing weight requires low fat, healthy natural food and drink, and if possible, nothing artificial at all.


Here’s another common example that people trying to get fit and lose weight often do. They think that by not eating, they’ll lose weight, and eventually they might. However, it will happen extremely slowly, and will make them ill along the way. In order to lose weight, you need to eat small healthy low fat meals, often throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism burning at its full capacity, allowing you to lose weight and burn calories quicker. Starving yourself forces you into a catabolic state, in which the body eats away at your muscle tissue for energy instead. Meaning the only weight you lose, will be your muscle, which is what you want to hold on to.

“Diet” sodas: weight loss shortcuts

This is an example of how people often fall for clever marketing. By calling them diet, people think they’re healthy and good for them. They aren’t. These drinks contain no sugar, but they do contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which is proven to cause cancer. They offer no nutritional value, and they should be avoided at all costs. Drink fresh mineral water for some added nutrients and minerals instead, and say goodbye to diet cokes.

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