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Yo Yo Dieting: Is There Any Damaging Effects

Dangers of Yo Yo DietingThe constant weight cycling of losing then gaining also known as Yo Yo dieting plagues many people. Reasons behind it could be a number of things but more often than not it comes down to simple issues of over eating. As that’s how anyone gains excessive weight is from a surplus of calories. First let’s discuss the dangers of yo yo dieting plan effects and if there is any damage associated with it.

The dangers of yo yo dieting plan effects

While there is a few studies out there done on individuals who lose good amounts of weight just to gain it back in a constant cycle (the yo yo ). There wasn’t anything I could find that says it has any other damaging effects outside of your typical obesity problems. With yo yo dieting if you are someone who is overweight you could be prone to the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Increased chance for heart attack/stroke
  • High blood pressure

If you are obese then you have a higher chance to develop these conditions. One of the most important things is to know how to properly avoid becoming obese and in turn stopping it.

How to fight the effects of Yo Yo dieting plan

Most doctors will recommend that a balanced healthy diet and exercise will help you in losing weight thus stopping the yo yo diet. However many individuals successfully lose the weight but then fall into a rut from a number of reasons (emotional, physical, etc). Resulting in their progress being halted and all the weight lost is returned with even a few extra pounds. In order to fight this properly you need to leave the gate with the right tools. It’s simple but very important to your success in keeping the weight off.

Calorie counter tool

There are many calorie counters out there with sync to a smartphone (android/iphone) and allow you to barcode scan foods you eat then plug instantly into the program. You need to know exactly how many calories you’re eating per day. You might be surprised when you guess 2000 but realize you’re eating 3000+ per day. If you are a smaller individual that is WAY over what you should be eating. My recommendations are FatSecret or MyFitnessPal both work fine and have websites that go along side. Keep note of your carbs,proteins and fats ( known as macro nutrients) as the higher carbs and fats you have there is a higher chance for stored fat gains. A calorie deficit of 360-500 is a good place to begin.

Proper exercise

You’ve heard this one before but often times Doctors really give you no ideas besides cardio. While cardio is great if you are obese it’s very difficult to do, you might want to start with actually weight lifting 3x a week to build up some strength before you hit the treadmill. Weightlifting 3x a week for 30-45 minutes using 12-15 rep rule and light weights would be beneficial. After several weeks you may actually gain weight but this will be muscle so don’t be alarmed if you notice that. Once you feel strong enough consider doing cardio 4-5x a week for 45 minutes and on filler days do weight lifting or stretching.

While there is a vast array of obesity in the USA it’s really due to lack of self control and not having the right tools. If you are committed to losing weight follow the above steps with Doctor’s recommendations then watch as the pounds fall away!

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