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Best Crafts Beer You Can Enjoy State By State

The 10 best craft beer you can enjoy State by State

Nothing pairs as well with pizza than a flavorsome local craft beer that you can find all over this beautiful country. America is definitely the place for most creative and unique beers with over 5,000 breweries in competition. All of these breweries have a varieties of damn good craft beers brewed to tempt you to go have a beer. We present to you 10 best craft beer you should try to satisfy your beer-loving thirst come along, and see how many you have tried and checked off your list.

10 Best Craft Beer for every Beer Enthusiast

A Deal with the Devil – Alaska

Enjoy this fantastic brew which you can only find at the specific time of the year. However, brewed by the Anchorage Brewing Company in Cognac barrels it has delightful cognac aroma to it. You also get the notes of honey, boozy caramel, plum along with some tobacco and oak. The other flavor that lingers for long includes raisin, dark chocolate, some more plum, and some more tobacco.

White Russian Imperial Stout – Arizona

Brewed by the Sun Up Brewing Company, this has a heavy taste of dark chocolate, dark caramel, coffee. The other hints you get are of roasted grain, vanilla, sweet cream, and dark fruits. Finally, all the good stuff come together and give this beer plenty of body and wonderful warmth. For all the dessert lovers it is one drink to put on the list of must-try.

Hoplanta – Georgia

With a grassy and earthy taste, this IPA beer from Red Brick Brewing Company can be found all year around. In fact, it gives the intense aroma of ripe orange peel, and other notes include pine, resin, and cortex. When you want solid beer, try this one out.

Lucy – California

Finally, this is a blonde ale that gives you the best craft beer experience. This amazing beverage is presented to you by Five Threads Brewing Company in Westlake Village, California. With its smooth flavor blended well with hints of lavender and honey count this as your hot weather summer drink.

Trillium Vicinity – Massachusetts

This drink has a spicy, earthy edge and you can relish this flavor burst in Boston, Massachusetts. Its flavor is different from the other delicious boozy ales that can turn your vision hazy and you tipsy. The essence of tropical fruit is heavier on its taste.

Alpha Klaus – Indiana

This is an exciting Christmas Porter with a lighter body not watery and is blended with rye. The finishing is dry and passes a crisp flavor. The flavor hints you get are of English chocolate malt, Mexican sugar, and American hops In fact, you can expect medium bitterness and a hoppy aroma. This brew is best to pair with burgers, salads, and chicken.

Prima Pils – Pennsylvania

Where can you find this delicious German Pilsner? The answer is Pennsylvania. Drink down this wonderful beer on a hot day courtesy of the Victory Brewing Company. This brew gives you hints of slightly grassy and little toasty with the right floral hop.

Lemongrass American Wheat – Kentucky

A fabulous pick when you are in the mood for something refreshing. In fact, the West Sixth brewing company presents to you this fantastic ale with a zesty taste to quench your thirst.

Timber Beast – Mississippi

This spicy IPA is by the Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company. It is a perfect drink to enjoy on a lazy day. Besides, you can enjoy an earthy yet citrusy flavor along with a great balance of nutty sweetness and hearty grain.

Vienna Lager – Virginia

Enjoy this toasty barley flavored beer that comes from the house of Devils Backbone Brewing Company. You will find this in Roseland Virginia that goes perfectly with all your food. The flavor burst is balanced; that is it is neither too sweet and not too hoppy.   

These are some of the best picks you should stock your fridge. We guarantee every time you sip on these your taste palette will likely get blown.

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