Best Sports Bars in the America To Visit

sports barsAmerica is home to some really great sports bars that appeal to every kind of sports fan imaginable. Yet, it can be disastrous to try and catch your favorite games in some places. For this reason it is good to know where the best sport bars in the USA are located. It is true that the local corner bar might just be the place that suits you the best. Everybody has their own tastes and opinions.

2012 Top Sports Bars in the USA

The top sports bars in the USA for 2012 have made the list because of their popularity with sports bar experts who make it their business to travel around the country and judge which ones are the absolute best. However, do not think that the patrons do not get to have a say in this. After all, how do you think these bars caught the attention of the experts? The list of the best sports bars in America this year is actually quite long, but the ones listed here are sure not to disappoint. Read on to discover why these bars are on the top.

Jake's Dilemma - New York City

The first stop has to be in the Big Apple, otherwise known as New York City. This city should have been given the nickname ‘land of the bars’ because of the many nightclubs, sports bars, and other social scene that are featured here. Of course one of the bars that made the list had to be located in this great city. Of all the sports bars in America, Jake’s Dilemma in NY has to be one of the very best. This place is great because it is not all just about watching sports on TV, although the vast array of sports being displayed on the bar’s many monitors certainly makes that possible. This bar has a lot for visitors to do. There are foosball tables, video games, and even a well-stocked library of ancient texts. Jake’s Dilemma has a space to accommodate every type of mood so that those who are looking for coziness and those looking for excitement and action can both find what they want in this great sports bar.

Standings Bar - New York City

Another great sports bar is not too far away from Jake’s Dilemma, being that it is also located in New York City. Standing’s bar has also made the list. This place features a bi-weekly rotating tap of 10 different microbrews, making it the place to go for those sports fans that are really into drinking beer. Beyond that is the 8 different HDTV’s where the sports games are viewed and this bar has its own selection of video games that makes for great side entertainment. The décor in the place is also pretty awesome with its plastering’s of newspaper clippings and memorabilia everywhere. There is no telling what can be found hanging on the walls in this place.

STATS - Atlanta, GA

Leaving out from New York there is a great sports bar down in the ATL (Atlanta) called STATS. This bar just happens to be the place of broadcasting for The Zone 790, Atlanta’s sports radio. They broadcast from a glass booth within the bar that can also be seen from the street. The presence of The Zone has really set the mood in this sports bar. There is a special technology featured in six private rooms and eight tables that lets drinkers serve themselves. Yet, this sports bar is also appropriate for children to visit, as it features a separate menu created especially for them.

Burger and Beer Joint - Miami, FL

Continuing further south, there is Miami with its great sports bar called The Burger and Beer Joint. This place is a hybrid burger restaurant and sports bar all rolled up into one great package. What sets this sports bar apart is the lounge where couples can go and dance the night away. Its copper ceilings, 120 year old Chicago-brick walls, and wooden booths work together to make an enjoyable atmosphere. Those who would like to just kick back and enjoy the game can do so on one of the bar’s eight large flat-screen TVs.

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