Office Jerk: Four Ways to Help You Deal with Them

Four Ways to Help You Deal with an Office JerkWays to help you deal with an office jerk. Office jerks are a dime a dozen, they come in all sorts of varieties from the obnoxious one who is always making jokes at your expense at the excuse of being “funny” to the snotty ones who belittle you with every turn. Dealing with a jerk at the office in a positive way isn’t always easy, but if you take these 4 tips to heart you might just be able to put your office jerk in his or her place today.

Ways to help you deal with an office jerk

Tip #1: Deal with Them Head-On

There are many ways to deal with an office jerk, but one surefire way to make sure they know how you feel is by telling them straight to their face. This can work twofold: one, the office jerk may be unaware of how much of a jerk they are truly being or two, much like a bully in a playground, standing up to the jerk can shame them into curbing their obnoxious and jerk-ish behavior.

Tip #2: Deal with the Jerk as an Office

Jerks usually just don’t bother one person, they bother everybody and if you can rally the troops you can create an environment where the office jerk is unable to continue acting like a jerk. You can decide as a group that you are unwilling to listen to or respond to the jerk when they are being a jerk, causing them to be alienated and ostracized until they are able to either change the way they act or they find another place of employment that is better suited to their personality.

Tip #3: Pick and Choose Your Battles

Oftentimes an office jerk is able to cause issues is because everything they say and do is annoying, frustrating, offensive, etc. However, if you pick and choose your battles, letting the small stuff role off your back, you will be better able to work peaceably in the office without blowing your lid every day. Incorporate things like meditation, calming exercises and the like into your routine so that you are better able to let their words roll off of your back throughout the day.

Tip #4: Leave the Problems at Work

All too often people bring their work issues home, especially when it comes to an office jerk. By doing this you are allowing the office jerk to control your life, creating problems even in your off hours which can not only increase your stress, but send it back around to create a hostile environment at the work place even more. When you leave the office at the end of the day, leave your anger and frustration with the person there as well, if you do so you will find you are better able to adjust to even the most obnoxious office jerks.

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