Geocaching the Treasure Hunt Game for Grown Ups

Geocaching for the Treasure Hunt Game for Grown UpsOver 5 million people worldwide participate in the real-life treasure hunt known as geocaching. The key to its popularity lies in its simplicity. Get outdoors, find your geographic coordinates, and then see if your spot corresponds to a cache left by a previous visitor to that location.

What is Geocaching, and how do you play?

All you need is a GPS (or exceptional map skills), a keen eye, and access to the online community that lists various cache locations and allows you to post your own. If you’re on a hunt, you can either search for a specific location or look for a set of treasures by an individual explorer.

If you’re leaving a cache, you usually need only a small weatherproof container, and an item of interest (but not of extreme value) to share with others. As you find caches, keep track of them with your online profile at sites like; same thing if you’re leaving caches.

Where can you play?

What’s cool about this hobby is that you can enjoy it anywhere in the world. Going to Singapore – log on and look for coordinates or treasure reports, log the coordinates in your GPS, and get ready to hit the trail. Even more exciting – there’s urban caches as well as ones hidden in the great outdoors (although it’s worth noting that urban treasures are more often misplaced or disrupted).

What makes a good geocacher?

As you get to be a more active geocacher, you may get really into gear, which is primarily the GPS unit you are using. All you truly need to get started is a base model with simple coordinate display and a directional indicator, although as we said before, if you’re crazy good with a compass and sextent, be our guest. However, as your adventures grow, you may want to invest in a unit that has a larger color display with a mapping feature that allows you to “save” your discoveries for future reminiscing.

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