Manly Skills That Impress Women

Manly Skills That Impress WomenMen with manly skills are the really talented men that women need to snatch when they get the chance are the men that stay out of the spotlight. Men that are driven to be the center of attention, or chose to compete as the alpha among their peers are a waste of time. Don’t be blind to the guys that aren’t out for fame and glory because these are the real men that are confident.

This behavior only complements the manly skills that impress women

All about the tech

Nerds are the new jocks. With all the technology offered in our busy lives, we have succumbed to the dependency of the virtual realm. Any gentleman that can tweak, tune or download aps for their lady is definitely grabbing natural attention from the ladies. Women are dependent on the social structure of technology and need their man to be able to fix problems when they arise.

Women love a problem solver

Another skill that women desire of men is their ability to solve problems. Men that can identify a solution to any problem from a leaking roof, to a running toilet are true keepers because the confidence that is demonstrated gives the ladies instant gratification. It would be worry some to be stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire only to learn that the man can’t swap the flat tire for the spare or even know how to lift the vehicle on the car jack. Common skills like this are desirable and if you can’t fix a flat, then you will lose to the man in the vehicle that stops and offers assistance. It will make you look weak and women don’t need a weak man, only a confident and secure man that can do the simple things like change the tires.

Be a Handyman

Handyman skills are also desirable. If you can operate machinery or get greased up under the hood then you will land a real fox. Women look for masculine characteristic and using tools is one way to make you look puffed up enough to be “manly”.

Even if you have a small frame, you can still win her with your manly skills that impress women. It’s all a mental game. Smarts and wit are helpful, but the cherry on top is how you can entertain or make her laugh. This skill is natural to some but others have to work at the humor part. If you can make her laugh every day for the rest of your life then you just might end up as “the man” that truly can always impress her with your humor.

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