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Things To Do In Denver Colorado On Vacation

things to do in denver colorado

Denver, Colorado, also known as the Mile High City due to its elevation, is a vibrant and picturesque metropolis that marries the beauty of the outdoors with the bustling urban life. Offering a diverse range of attractions, from breathtaking natural parks to world-class museums and unique culinary experiences, Denver has something for every traveler.

Unveiling the Mile High City: Things To Do in Denver, Colorado

1. Revel in the Natural Beauty at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is more than just an outdoor concert venue; it’s a testament to the grandeur of nature. The geological wonder is characterized by massive red rock formations that form a natural open-air amphitheatre. Besides catching a live concert under the stars, visitors can hike, bike, or partake in a yoga class, all while surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty.

2. Dive into History at Denver Art Museum

Art enthusiasts should not miss the Denver Colorado Art Museum, one of the largest art museums in the West. With a collection spanning across continents and centuries, it’s a treasure trove of world cultures. The museum’s American Indian art collection is particularly renowned, and its modern and contemporary art exhibits are equally impressive. The museum’s unique building design is an architectural spectacle in itself.

3. Explore the Denver Botanic Gardens

A haven for plant lovers, the Denver Botanic Gardens, spread across 24 acres, is a must-visit. This urban oasis showcases a diverse collection of gardens and plant species from around the globe. The Japanese Garden and Tropical Rainforest are visitor favorites. Don’t miss the chance to explore the Gardens’ conservatory, a spectacle of tropical and subtropical plant species.

4. Experience the Wild at Denver Zoo

The Denver Colorado Zoo, located in City Park, is home to over 4,000 animals from 600 species. From African elephants to Komodo dragons, you can witness an array of wildlife in habitats mirroring their natural homes. The Zoo’s immersive exhibits, like the Edge exhibit that brings visitors close to Amur tigers, provide an engaging and educational experience for all ages.

5. Discover the Past at History Colorado Center

The History Colorado Center brings the state’s history to life with interactive exhibits and high-tech storytelling. Visitors can embark on a virtual ride in a Model T Ford, explore life in a 1920s town, or understand the impact of the Dust Bowl. The center’s compelling approach to history makes it an engaging experience for everyone.

6. Savor Local Brews

Denver boasts an enviable craft beer scene. With more than 100 breweries in the metro area, beer lovers are spoilt for choice. Join a brewery tour and sample a variety of brews, from crisp lagers to hop-heavy IPAs. Don’t miss out on the Denver Beer Trail, a guide to the city’s top craft breweries.

7. Visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Colorado Museum of Nature & Science invites visitors on a journey through the cosmos, back in time, and into the human body. The museum’s impressive exhibits include dinosaur fossils, Egyptian mummies, and a planetarium that offers spectacular astronomical shows. The museum also features an IMAX theater showcasing nature documentaries that are both thrilling and educational.

8. Stroll Around Larimer Square

Larimer Square, Denver’s oldest block, is a vibrant district brimming with history, shopping, and dining options. The area’s Victorian buildings house an eclectic mix of independent boutiques, innovative restaurants, and lively bars. At night, the canopy of lights gives the square a magical ambiance.

9. Indulge in Denver’s Food Scene

Denver’s food scene is as varied and rich as its cultural tapestry. From food trucks to fine dining, the city’s culinary landscape is a delightful fusion of flavors. A visit to Denver Central Market, a gourmet food hall in the trendy RiNo district, is a must for foodies. This bustling market houses a variety of vendors offering everything from wood-fired pizza to artisanal pastries. Don’t miss out on Denver’s signature dishes like the Colorado-style green chili or the locally-raised bison steak.

10. Outdoor Adventure at Confluence Park

Confluence Park is the heart of Denver’s 850 miles of bike trails and is where Cherry Creek and the South Platte River meet. It’s the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts to bike, walk, or kayak. The park also serves as a prime spot for a picnic or simply relaxing by the water’s edge, watching the world go by.

11. Immerse Yourself in Music at the Fillmore Auditorium

For music lovers, a night at the Fillmore Auditorium, Denver Colorado largest indoor venue for live music, is a must. This historic venue has hosted a variety of artists from different genres, offering an intimate concert experience. Its vibrant atmosphere and excellent acoustics make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

12. Shop and Dine at 16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is a mile-long pedestrian promenade located in the heart of downtown Denver. With an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, it’s a lively spot day or night. The mall is beautifully lined with trees, flower beds, and public art installations. A free shuttle runs along the mall, making it easy for visitors to explore the area.

13. Get Sporty at Coors Field and Empower Field at Mile High

For sports fans, catching a game at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team, or Empower Field at Mile High, where the Denver Broncos football team plays, is an unforgettable experience. Both venues offer behind-the-scenes tours on non-game days.

Denver, Colorado, offers a blend of experiences that cater to a wide range of interests, from art and history lovers to outdoor enthusiasts and foodies. This thriving city is ready to welcome you with its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or planning an extended stay, Denver promises a journey filled with adventure, discovery, and fun.

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