How to Become a Better Listener Tips

Tips on How to Be a Better ListenerBeing a better listener is oftentimes one of the best things that you can do to help strengthen and enrich your relationship with your partner. By listening you are better able to know what they want, what they need and what they feel is lack in your relationship; all vital parts of a healthy and strong relationship. Take a look at these tips on how to be a better listener to help strengthen your relationship and show her that you are truly invested in its outcome.

Tips on how to be a better listener

1. Show You Are Invested in the Conversation by Asking Questions

For women, a clear sign that a man is listening to them is a man that asks questions about the conversation just as much as they sit and listen. You don’t want to ask just any old questions because stupid and useless ones will just show how little you are paying attention, but questions that have substance and that offer real value to the conversation will help you to bring depth to the topic on hand and indicate your willingness to be invested in what you are talking about.

2. Know When to Shut Up

The flipside to asking questions during a conversation is knowing when to shut up and just listen to what she has to say rather than talking over her or interrupting her. A good listener knows when input is required in a conversation and when taking a passive part in it is the better part of valor.

3. Be Open to Having Your Opinions and Beliefs Challenged

Being a better listener can oftentimes be simply someone who is willing to listen to a good argument for an opinion or belief opposite to their own. In a relationship you’re going to sometimes have completely different opinions, some more than others, and having the willingness to listen to your partner’s views on a subject will help to create an avenue of open discussion and the ability communicate effectively.

4. Stay Focused

One of the downfalls of some people is that they are unable or unwilling to stay focused on a conversation with their partner if it isn’t something they are particularly interested in. This can cause a world of trouble from the simple problem of not knowing what they said to bigger issues like showing a lack of respect to pay attention when they are speaking. By staying focused on what she is saying you are better able to hear what she is saying and also read between the lines as well to the things she may be unable or unwilling to say to you.

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