The Myth of Targeting Fat Loss

The Myth of Targeting Fat LossAlthough there are still some companies that sell equipment or machines they say will remove your belly fat or love handles, most of them are slowly starting to disappear. It is without a doubt the most unscrupulous and vicious scam in the health and fitness industry and always has been.

Companies telling you on some late night infomercial that they have a new machine or gadget that will take away cellulite or remove those unwanted love handles by targeting fat loss is total BS and always has been. The truth about the fat distribution that we have in our bodies is that we cannot dictate where the fat is going to go.

Specific spot removal of body fat is not possible even though there is a huge exercise equipment industry that will continue to sell fat zappers to the next unsuspecting sucker out there. It is the genes that you are born with which will tell your body how and where the fat is distributed and not some fancy or simple machine.

Body fat spot removal is a long lasting myth for a reason because it’s a big money maker. We have all seen the many different variations over the years like the original “vibrating belts” advertised back in the 1950’s that were thought to remove fat around your mid-section. It all seems comical now but back then those products were “cutting edge” technology.

Sports science has long ago proven conclusively that you cannot focus on removing fat in one particular part of your body. The only way that you are going to remove fat from one area is with surgery where the doctor will be able to remove fat through liposuction or other plastic surgery methods.

As soon as another effective alternative to remove fat is discovered you will be told of that there is no doubt. Unfortunately the only way that you are going to get rid of fat on your body is with the correct nutrition and doing exercise on a regular basis.

Targeting fat loss is impossible, always has been and always will be unless some yet un-thought of scientific discovery is made that can do this. We are forced to adhere to the laws of nature when it comes to removing the fat on our bodies.

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