Recreational Sports – Give Yourself a Sporting Chance

Did you play soccer as a kid? How about Little League? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, today, over 41 million American children participate in some sort of organized recreational sports. Studies show that kids involved in sports are healthier, more confident, perform better in school and cultivate better social skills than those who don’t. These benefits and others like them aren’t limited to children though… you can enjoy them too. All over the country, adult sports and recreation leagues are growing like wildfire. Softball, soccer, basketball, hockey, flag football, even dodge ball and kick ball teams are looking for new members to enjoy the thrill of the game. So how does it keep you youthful? Well, first off, sports leagues are excellent exercise. But perhaps more important are the social aspects of these organizations. Friendships with people other than coworkers and family have been shown to positively impact mood and general mental outlook… traits that serve you well at any age.

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