Smart Phones – An Ally in Aging?

You use your smart phone for everything else… why not also use it to safeguard your youth? It might seem far-fetched, but with increasing frequency developers are creating smart phones apps aimed at fighting the effects of aging.

One application uses the phone’s digital display to deliver light therapy to the phone’s user. The user selects a program ranging from calming to energizing and then focuses on the changing light display. Users report feeling more rested, less stressed and better equipped to handle their days. Another light-therapy application uses the mobile device as a remote control for infrared or blue laser light machines designed to repair skin tone and texture by erasing age spots and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

There are also a number of applications aimed at preventive maintenance such as monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol. Depending on the specific application, users will get warnings regarding hypertensive status or dangerous cholesterol levels, and, in some cases, recommendations on alleviating symptoms. From simple exercises to smart food choices to automatic prescription refills, your mobile device may just turn out to be your new best friend when it comes to staying young.

But how effective are these applications really? The jury is still out. However, some of the newest applications in development are showing a lot of promise. One, created by Harvard University researchers is designed to offer rapid cancer screening and diagnosis with smart-phone portability and convenience. Although still in the works, the app connects the mobile device with a miniature MRI to scan tiny samples with 96% accuracy. Only time will tell if results in the field will perform as well as in the lab, but it could be the beginning of a whole line of applications that offer one-touch solutions for health, wellness and, of course, anti-aging.

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