Do You Challenge Yourself?

Do You Challenge YourselfI recently received an email about the benefits of meditation and in it contained a physical challenge. I have written about the benefits of meditation and how it can help your performance. When you work on your mind you are strengthening an extremely valuable part of your body.

How to challenge yourself to new fitness heights

Equally as important is to challenge your physical body. The beauty of challenging your body is the mental benefits you receive as you know you can set a goal and attain it. We encourage every reader to visit It outlines a program to get you to be able to do 100 consecutive pushups in just 7 weeks. You only need about 30 minutes a week. As I am writing this post I have recorded my initial max pushup number and will start the program on Monday.

Timed fitness challenges

In addition to the pushup challenge I found a squat challenge, sit-up challenge and a pull up challenge. I have always been a big believer in body weight exercises. Real strength is defined in these simple yet effective full body movements. Hershel Walker the great Heisman winning running back has an amazing story. One of the notable things about Hershel was he never lifted a weight. He just did a crazy amount of pushups and sit ups every day. He was a physical beast and it is a testament to the value of a pushup and sit-up. Throw in some pull ups for your back and biceps and body weight squats for your quads and glutes and you have an overall body transformation work out.

Find your bench marks and work to beat them

We challenge all of you to find your bench marks and a plan to beat them. Think about how confident you will feel when you could drop down and push out 100 or jump up to a pull up bar and knock out 20. In the book 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris he quotes Richard Branson as saying the secret to success is “working out.

” When we push ourselves to reach a physical goal we gain a lot of self-worth from how we feel and look. It translates to all other aspects of our life. Have fun along your journey, please share with the readers how you are doing.

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