Incorporating “LIFE” into Bodybuilding Contest Prep – Men’s Fit Club

Incorporating LIFE into contest prepUnless you are one of “those” folks where either bodybuilding is already your full time job. Or you somehow don’t have to work and you are somehow able to do bodybuilding contest prep as a single person (no significant other, no kids, no nothing!). If you don’t fit that mold than you know one of the hardest things preparing for a bodybuilding contest is mixing life into contest prep. And, since I have all of the above, I think I can speak as a bit of an authority on this subject. Here are a couple of examples of what I’ve dealt with during these last several weeks.

Since most of my prep-activities (training and cardio together) are during the week, my diet is geared towards those days and my lower-carb days are on the weekends when I am only doing cardio. This can (and will) make the weekends rough in terms of energy. Honestly, this can make the weekends really long. Don’t tell anyone, but I almost look forward to Monday’s! When have you ever heard anyone say that?!

Add to that “life” stuff and things have been very interesting. Some sort of bug ran through the entire house making everyone sick and it eventually go to me. My immune system is really good at fighting these bugs off, but with lower body fat, it puts a greater strain on it making it harder to fight off. This certainly didn’t help my energy levels.

Vacation has been something else I’ve had to incorporate into this prep. I have the great fortune of spending three uninterrupted weeks with my babies! Some people can find this to be a negative, but with some planning and a positive attitude, it can work. Instead of going away, we made it a stay-cation and we made the most of it. I taught my littlest one (Sienna, age 5) to swim without her swimmies/floaties. She is now darn near ready for the Olympics!! I also taught my oldest (Sidney, age 8) how to finally ride a bike with no training wheels. She is now ready for the Tour de France.  🙂

The pool, bikes, movies, the park, day trips, spending time with family, etc. Add to these a little bit of patience, and they are all ideas you can incorporate into your prep to ensure a happy family life!

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