To Supplement or Not to Supplement- How To Choose the Right Dietary Supplement

That has been the question on many people’s minds as a recent reports showed the dangers of supplement overload. Taking a multi-vitamin daily is always recommended as a healthy staple in every diet from childhood all the way through your adult life. However, with vitamins & minerals the mindset that more is better is absolutely wrong.

The pro's and cons of using a supplement

First and foremost a balanced healthy diet is priority, and when you fall short on that then you should supplement. A multi vitamin will provide you with the necessary vitamins & minerals your body needs. You don’t need to add anything extra such as Iron & B6 unless your deficient in these areas, all things you can see with the appropriate blood work during your annual exam.

Do your homework

Like everything in life educating yourself is the key. Multi-vitamins are not created equal. There are different types that cater to men, women of different age-groups/stages of life. Ask your medical practitioner. Do research on the benefits and hazards. Above all aim at living a clean & healthy life.


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