Three Men’s Fashion Fails

Three Men's Fashion FailsFashion and style are oftentimes synonymous with women… it is a natural way for women to feel beautiful and sexy, but for men fashion and style isn’t so natural. Being fashion challenged is something many men deal with every day whether it is pairing clothing items together that really don’t go together or choosing accessories that inspire laughter rather than a lustful gaze. If you’re one of those men who gets the laughs more than the lusty gazes here are three fashion fails that might be the reasons why.

You’re Combing Over Your Hair
Let’s face it, as men grow older going bald is a natural part of aging for many men. Of those men who start getting bald patches and thinning areas, the temptation to comb-over the hair is strong… resist this temptation! This fashion fail is a big no-no because not only does it not look natural, it actually draws the eye of those around your instead of hiding the problem. Instead, embrace your baldness or find a more natural/effective way to cover that bald spot like Rogaine.

You’re Wearing Short-Sleeved Button-Ups with a Tie
In the summer when it is hot and sticky many men turn to short-sleeved button-ups with a tie as regular office wear to keep cool. This is a fashion fail and should be avoided at all costs. Women cringe when they see a man wearing this look, it just looks nerdy… and not in the “geek chic” way. The style can make even the most handsome men look awkwardly out of place and not in tune with fashion, so unless the look is a required office uniform… steer clear of this look, you’ll thank us for the bit of advice.

You’re Accessorizing Too Much
Putting on a few accessories can add a little extra dimension to an otherwise plain look, but you need to know when you’re accessorizing too much. Adding to many accessories can make you look like the male version of a bag lady, which isn’t a fashion style that you want to be emulating. Instead, try to select just one or two (at most three) small accessories such as a watch, hat and snazzy belt to keep you’re outfit from looking overloaded and crazy.

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