Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Men’s Health

Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Men’s HealthThe use of herbs and spices for medicinal purposes has been around since our hunter/gatherer days. It’s no secret that they contain health benefits for both men and women. Modern science is just beginning to scratch the surface of the healing powers that lie waiting in some our favorite herbs and spices. While the benefits of these herbs support a healthy body for all, there are several that boost men’s health specifically.

1. Garlic
Helps your body fight: cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and high blood pressure

Easiest way to eat: roasted whole with other vegetables, pickled, and sautéed

2. Hot Peppers
Helps your body fight: pain, inflammation, poor circulation, prostate cancer, and ulcers

Easiest way to eat: roasted on the grill

3. Ginger
Helps your body fight: upset stomachs and nausea, gas and bloating, sore throats, and can ease common cold symptoms

Easiest way to eat: steeped in tea, grated fresh over fish, sauces, and Asian cuisine

4. Cinnamon
Helps you body fight: inflammation, high triglycerides and fat

Easiest way to eat: fresh grated into your morning coffee or protein shake

5. Fennel
Helps your body fight: brittle bone and teeth

Easiest way to eat: roast with sweet potatoes and carrots

6. Tumeric
Helps your body fight: Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and certain cancers

Easiest way to eat: Indian dishes, chili, mustard

7. Oregano
Helps your body fight: cough, fever, and cold symptoms

Easiest way to eat: add fresh leaves (whole or chopped) to pasta, salads, and pizzas

8. Basil
Helps your body fight: aging skin

Easiest way to eat: whole leaves with fresh tomato slices drizzled with a dash of balsamic vinegar, salads, and pasta

9. Sage
Helps your body fight: memory loss, sore throat, upset stomach and nausea

Easiest way to eat: steeped in tea, serve roasted with on pork, pairs well with potatoes

10. Saffron
Helps your body fight: bad mood

Easiest way to eat: steeped in tea or added to rice

Eat these herbs and spices as fresh as you can get them. The power is in the plant oil in the leaves and skin. Dried powders are good don’t have quite the same potency. Food is the most effective way to get those “good for you” nutrients into your body. Let your body do the work from there. It’s also an easy way to add flavor without adding extra salt, fat, or calories.

We’re finally seeing science catch up to what our ancestors knew all along. As more tests and studies are being performed on our favorite everyday herbs and spices, not only can we feel and see the benefits, we can know and understand them as well.

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