Best Sex Toys to Add a Little Extra Pleasure Tonight

Best Sex Toys to Add a Little Extra Pleasure Tonight

Sometimes when couples have been together for a while sex can get a little run of the mill which in turn can decrease the times you and your significant other feel the desire to partake in a little adult playtime. One way to bring the excite back into the bedroom is to introduce fun sex toys that heighten the pleasure and bring a new level of intimacy to the bedroom.

The El Toro

There are many sex toys out there geared towards women specifically, but not as much towards men though luckily there are one like the El Toro that make up for it. This vibrating erection ring will notch the pleasure for you up a couple of rungs while allowing you to hold off orgasm until your partner has reached her peak as well. The El Toro is designed to stimulate both partners as the “horns” on the ring stimulate your partner and the small nubs on the back of the erection ring stimulate you.

Our First Bondage Kit

Adding a little light bondage into the bedroom can do a world of good to spicing up foreplay in truly interesting ways. This bondage kit is pretty basic and is really only meant for those who want o stick their toe into tying a partner up instead of jumping right in head first; it includes a blindfold and light restraints that are comfortable to wear without truly feeling restrictive. The chance to have a partner at your mercy (or you at theirs) could introduce a lot of possibilities and pleasure that many couples fail to utilize.

Adult Paint Box

Edible body paint is a fun and delicious way to add pleasure to foreplay for a couple. Who doesn’t want to draw fun shapes, pictures and words on their partner’s body and then lick it off? With edible body paints you can ramp up the sensuality while getting a tasty treat out of it as well.

Club Vibe

Oftentimes foreplay begins long before entering the bedroom and with a fun sex toy like the Club Vibe you can start it at any time. This fun little vibrator slips into your partner’s underwear to stimulate her while you’re out on a date at a nice restaurant and best of all the wireless remote control enables you to direct how much and how often she gets stimulated so that you can tease her and get her ready for some fun when you return home.

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