Do Better Relationships have Better Sex?

Do Better Relationships have Better Sex?It’s an age old question. Do people with better long-term relationships have more fun in the bedroom? The perks of long-term relationships rarely include amazing sex lives, but what if the opposite were true?

Who has better sex, long term relationships or short term?

Pro's of being in a relationship

Relationships offer you a better life, more money, and more happiness. But if they are so awesome wouldn't it be logical to reason that they would have better sex too? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once again, long-term relationships seem to not offer a greater rate of sexual satisfaction. But why is that? What causes couples to lose the once amazing sex they may have had at the beginning of their relationship?

How important is sex in a relationship?

A study conducted with couples in long-term relationships concluded that sex was only ranked high on the importance scale when it was bad to nonexistent. This means that in reality, sex makes up only 10 percent of the happiness couples feel when they are together. If your sex life is good then chances are you don’t view it as important as couples who don’t enjoy it. The better a relationship is the less important sex is viewed. But what percentage of couples rates their sex life poorly? It seems as though married men tied the knot with a woman they know is good in bed with 68 percent of them claiming they married their best sexual partner and 45 percent of women agreed. So for men, it seems, sex is an important factor in a LTR, while women do not see it as important.

People who cohabit together may also have more frequent sexual encounters with their roommate than married couples. Married couples have more responsibilities toward each other than casual sexual partners which lead to a decrease in sexual activity. Even though men may feel they get married to secure a sexual partner, women get married to secure, well, security. So even though marriage is supposed to represent the best relationship of your life it may not directly result in the best sex life.

How to keep the flame alive as time passes

Although, we cannot deny the connection between two people who have committed themselves to making a relationship work. The desire to love one another and to be there for each other is strong enough to keep people together despite bad sex. However, if sex is bad enough it might result in a lack of connection and in turn ruin the relationship. The key to avoiding this is to spice up your sex life as the years go by. Trying new things and even new places, can improve your sex life and make sex better for both of you.

In the end, LTR are amazing representations of individuals love for one another. Even when the sex fades in old age people can still find ways to love one another. One does not beget the other. Sex can be great physically without the emotional connection (especially for us men) but only be temporary. Relationships can also be improved by sex if we work hard to please each other. The key is to focus on what matters most too each individual in a relationship. If your relationship is amazing it stands to reason that your sex life is too. You cannot have a great relationship and terrible sex. But you can have amazing sex and a terrible relationship. If you want the whole package you will have to work on every aspect of it.

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