How to Keep Your Sex Life Exciting In The Bedroom

How to Keep Excitement in Your Sex LifeThe first time one gets to touch someone intimately is always invigorating. New couples have lots of fun and excitement when it comes to their sex life. The “honeymoon” period, as they call it, is one of the best stages in a relationship. It’s all roses, chocolates and sex full of pleasure. However, when the phase ends, and it becomes a long term relationship, there are just some things that become monotonous and boring. One of those things is your sex life.

Most couples usually don’t voice their boredom to their partners because, in a long term relationship, both have grown to know that there are more important things than inside the bedroom. This is true. However, sex is also necessary and vital to a relationship. There are many things you can do to keep the excitement in your sex life and prevent it from being mediocre.

Kiss Passionately

Sometimes, people kiss their partners without getting themselves into it. They kiss complacently and not passionately. This is a definite no-no! Kissing is the strongest foreplay ever, and it is a sure way to get your partner in the mood. It is not just about the sensation you feel when kissing that turns you on. Scientifically, it is a way for your partner to pass hormones like testosterone that will increase your libido.

Make Love in an Actual Bedroom

Women usually are high strung and tense even after their work. It is expected that they will unwind inside the comfort of the bedroom. However, they will still remain anxious and stressed which isn’t of any help for keeping the excitement in their sex lives. The main culprit is a cluttered bedroom. Cluttered in a way that work stuff is everywhere! Laptops or computers, TV and other work materials should be kept in the office or outside the bedroom. This will help you in relaxing and focusing on what’s important; sex.

Withhold Sex

You might be thinking that withholding sex is the opposite of keeping an exciting sex life. But actually, sex gurus recommend suppressing your desires. Hold back a little! Sometimes, couples overdo sex. After a while, sex will turn into a habit. Therefore, it makes sex mediocre, repetitive, and boring. This might be difficult, but actually it’s all worth it. Imagine how hungry you will be after a week of no sex! Couples say that the time they have sex after holding back for a while, it felt as if it was their first time. Others say it’s even better!

Fantasies and Surprises

Being in a long term relationship shouldn't hold you back in communicating your fantasies with your partner. Actually, you should be more confident in doing so! Since you and your partner have gone through almost everything, then it’s high time for you and your partner to bring out your deepest sexual desires. You can also surprise her by buying some sexy lingerie that she can wear for you while you slowly take it off. Surprises are excellent for your relationship, especially your sex life.

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