Withholds Sex From Your Partner Bad Idea

withholds sexSome time in the past, you got in an argument with your partner, and now your partner withholds sex. It’s normal to feel a flash of anger over this development. Most men are able to compartmentalize various areas of a relationship, which often leads to a belief that an argument about money shouldn’t have any effect on what happens in the bedroom.

Why your parnter witholds sex

The truth is that every relationship is made up of many overlapping interactions. The intimacy required for sex almost always is related to an overall sense of trust and it's never a good thing to withholds sex from your partner.

Trust issues

Damage that trust in some way, and intimacy is bound to suffer as well. In this way, a discussion about money can definitely drive a wedge between two people.

Lack of consideration

Let’s say one person is spending frivolously while the other continues to work double shifts and save every penny. The lack of trust this will create can make either one partner or both partners feel uncomfortable sharing the very personal act of sex.

Other issues that can cause a wedge

Of course, it’s not always money that couples argue about. It can be issues related to work, family, politics, lifestyles, or any number of other topics. But the only way to know is to talk it out with your partner. You may find just opening the lines of discussion is enough to lift the ban on sex.

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