Best Oral Pleasure To Blow Your Woman Mind

How to Give Her Oral PleasureWhile most people think of it as foreplay, oral pleasure is an experience both genders find enticing and exciting… as long as you’re doing it right. When you think about oral pleasure there’s a reason why so many romantic acts involve the mouth – our lips and tongue are packed with millions of nerves and tiny blood vessels. That makes these body parts sensitive to touch at any time; and even more so when arousal ups the blood flow to these areas. The male and female sex organs are built very much the same way, thin skin with lots of nerves and responsiveness to blood flow. So it only goes to follow that you put the two together and the potential for fireworks exists.

Oral pleasure is an experience both partner if it’s done right

Unless you know what you’re doing, however, that’s all it is, potential. When getting ready to engage in some oral pleasure keep the ideas of sensation in mind. Sensation can involve pressure, tempo and much more… so don’t limit yourself. But if you are still a little hesitant when going down there here are a few oral sex tips to help guide you right where you need to go.


Always start out nice and slow and steadily work your way up to a faster motion. Don’t be afraid to go fast, then slow it back down. Think of it like a boxing match you need to throw a few jabs before you go for the uppercut.


Consider trying moves with your tongue or even your teeth (gently) that involve the application of pressure and release, or suction and release. Take cues from her, if she is pushing her pelvis towards you she wants more pressure and if she is pulling back she wants less. So make sure and pay attention to her body language.


One of the most important things about giving your woman oral sex is to make sure you are hitting the right spots. If you are going to town in the wrong spot both of you will just be passing time waiting until you finish. If you want to make her climax again and again find her clit and make sure you give it stimulation on and off based on her reactions.

Ask for Directions

I know as men we don’t do directions very well, but this is not driving a car on the road. If you are having trouble picking up on her body language ask her. Tell her to move your head like her personal vibrator and pause right where it feels the best. Then use the right tempo and pressure moving your tongue up and down and side to side. You can even swirl in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion for extra pleasure.

Be Patient

Women take much longer than men to climax so don’t give up if you are at it for 15 or 20 minutes without a single orgasm. Just make sure she is enjoying by watch signs like a pulsating clitoris and that she is starting to get wet.

If you were never into giving oral sex one of the most rewarding things is knowing that you just blew her mind and another great bonus is how much more you will receive when you start giving more to your partner. You might be surprised at how arousing the experience can be for both of you.

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